Extended DISC in Your Workplace Certification Programs

Our Extended DISCin Your Workplace Certification Programs -  Inhouse  Training  - run at your premises or off-site.

There are two modules;

Module 1:     Enhancing Individual Performance  -  1 Day

Module 2:      Enhancing Team Performance  -  1 Day  (Module 1 is a Prerequisite for Module 2) 

Why Attend?

This course will give you the skills to understand and feedback Extended DISC reports and use to improve performance.

Who is it for?

Internal Corporate, Government and Not For Profit Organisations'  Trainers, Consultants, Coaches, HR Professionals, Managers and Supervisors


Module 1:            Enhancing Individual Performance

  • An understanding of the core tools in the Extended DISC system and how to interpret the analysis reports.
  • Flexible framework for providing organisation development, leadership development or communication skills within an organisation.
  • Sample reports available for marketing internally & externally to your clients.
  • Access to a system where you can monitor trends in your organisation.


Module 2:         Enhancing Team Performance

  • Thorough understanding of three complementary Team Tools in the Extended DISC system.
  • Access to unlimited reports to help improve team communication and performance.
  • Flexible framework for providing organisation development, leadership development or communication skills within an organisation.

                            Course Content

Module 1:           Enhancing Individual Performance

  • You will gain an overview of the Extended DISC system, become comfortable in using & interpreting the Personal Analysis reports, conducting various training and development activities that focus on personal insight and performance improvement.
  • Learn what to probe for when exploring the implications of different profiles so people get the most out of their feedback sessions.
  • Learn how to use Extended DISC in coaching & different training programmes, in recruitment and selection as an organisational diagnostic.

Module 2:             Enhancing Team Performance

  • You will gain an overview of issues to consider in team building and team development sessions, together with some tools around which to build a framework of activities. You will become comfortable in using and interpreting the Extended DISC team tools, and consider how they can be used to develop both personal effectiveness and productive team working.
  • Learn how to use Extended DISC Work Pairs Analysis to improve relationships between colleagues or bosses.
  • Team Analysis maps the self assessment of each team member on the Extended DISC diamond and can be used to review team strenghts and weaknesses and how the team communicates with each other.
  • Team Assessment 360 is a report for each team member on how the team sees their preferred style and how the team would like them to behave.
  • Team Alignment is a gap analysis between current and desired team performance and measures how well the team is operating as a unit and what the team development needs are.

Modules can be customised to meet your indvidiual/organisational needs at no extra cost.

Investment:  $3750 + GST per Module.  Due to the Certification requirements numbers are capped at a a maximum of 5 participants per session. Reasonable travel/accommodation expenses may apply.

For more information please email, or call Sharon at Talent Tools on 61 7 3103 0177