Extended DISC® Authorised Reseller

Would you like to become an Extended DISC® Authorised Reseller?

We have a limited number of reseller arrangements with entreprenuerial companies and individuals. There are two main types of authorised resellers:

•Training, consulting, coaching and staffing firms that use Extended DISC® tools with their clients in various applications
•Entrepreneurial companies and individuals that focus on building a profitable business by selling the Extended DISC® assessment
Authorised resellers sell Extended DISC® solutions to companies, government agencies and non-profit organisations of all sizes. In the process, they can earn significant income while enjoying the freedom and independance of running their own business.

Extended DISC Australasia provides its authorised resellers with a unique entrepreneurial opportunity. It’s not a franchise and there are no royalties, licence fees or start up fees. However, the resellers get many of the same benefits of a franchise, including on-going support and expertise.

Resellers are independent contractors, making their own business decisions, choosing their own office locations (or home offices) and hiring their own staff if they want to further grow their business. Most importantly, resellers build a book of business in which they have a significant economic interest.

Frequently Asked Questions
Q: As a reseller, will I have the exclusivity in my marketplace?

A: Not automatically. There may be serveral authorised resellers in your region.

Q: How much does each report cost?

A: It depends. Our reports consist of several parts and each part is priced differently. Depending on your needs, you may customise a report. Your purhcase volume also influences your price.

Q: How do I determine the selling price for each assessment in my region?

A: You will be able to decide the final selling price for the assessments. We provide recommended retail prices, but you are free to negotiate whatever price you wish.

Q: How do I buy the reports?

A: Everything is done online, 24/7. Instead of buying a number of reports, you purchase points. Points allow usage of any of our reports, which all have different point value. Most resellers purchase points "in storage" and then re-sell them (reports) throughout the months. It is up to you to buy ahead of time, or each month as you go.

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