Extended DISC® Job Comparison

What is Extended DISC® Job Comparison?
The Extended DISC® Job Comparison report is an add-on to the Personal Analysis Report and allows you to select one of the below Job Compentencies and assess the significance of 20 statements using a 1 to 10 scale.

It enables users to quickly define important job requirements and measure a “Person’s natural inclination” vs. “Job Requirement”.

Job Comparisons available:

•Customer Service
•Team Member
•Information Technology
The 2 page Job Comparison is then included with the Personal Analysis Report comparing a person's natural behavioural style to the Job Comparison. What are some of the applications for Job Comparison?

•External and Internal Recruiting – candidates can be compared with a position
•Personal development – once the job requirements are defined, a manager can use the information in coaching the person to reach their goals. An employee can use the information to define crucial points in their own development plan
•Organisational development – during changes in the organisation, management can re-define job requirements for each position and use the information to re-direct action and development
•Coaching - a coach can use this information when coaching a person to reach their goals. Similarly, the person can define crucial points in their own development plan

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