Extended DISC® Organisational Analysis

How are organizations using Team Analysis?

Some of the most common applications for Team Analysis in organization are:

•Team development
•Strategic decision making
•Identification of the effective behaviors
•Leadership Development
•Organizational Development
•Succession Planning
•Turnover reduction
•Conflict resolution
•Understanding complex issues

The "CEO" version of Extended DISC
Extended DISC® Organizational Analysis goes deep and reveals issues like:

•Where are we?
•Where are we going?
•How is the organization feeling?
•What are our strengths and weaknesses?
•How can we capitalize on our human potential?
•How can we implement the proposed initiatives?
•How can we manage change?
•How well am I managing the organization?
•Where are the management time bombs?
•How long can I continue like this?
•How should I improve my performance?