Extended DISC® Profiling Tool

We all want to interact more effectively with prospects, customers and co-workers. We also try to effectively influence others to achieve our goals. Unfortunately, it is often challenging to adopt the best approach and at times we make costly mistakes.

Imagine if you could be more confident than you are adapting your communication style and actions to the needs of your customers, co-workers, boss and subordinates. You would close more sales, retain your clients, communicate more effectively, and be more successful.

Extended DISC® Profiling Tool was designed to help you to be more successful with others. It allows you to accurately identify the style of the other person and provides you with a specific action plan as to how:

•To communicate more effectively.
•To maintain and strengthen the relationship.
•To avoid costly mistakes.
•To close the sale.
Profiling Tool provides information that will allow you to confidently take action and will have a positive impact on your performance.

Profiling Tool can be very effectively used in any situation where you want to be more effective with another person. Some of the favorite applications are:

•Sales Professional-Potential Customer.
•Sales Professional-Client.
•Manager-New Employee.
•Team Member-Team Member.

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