Extended DISC® Team Alignment

 Extended DISC® Team Alignment is designed to provide specific information to focus team development efforts.

Team Alignment may help if you are:

•frustrated with the performance of your team(s).
•unhappy with the results of your previous team development efforts.
•spending too much money, time and effort identifying the real causes of performance problems.
•uncertain how you can get the most ROI on the development efforts.
Extended DISC® Team Alignment is a tool for measuring and identifying where gaps exist between where the team is and where it should be. It allows the team members to clearly communicate their perceptions of the team's current situation. These results are compared to the expectations for the team. Gaps are identified. The developmental areas are prioritized and broken down to sub-categories to pinpoint where the greatest impact from team development efforts will be achieved.

The information:

•identifies where the development efforts should be focused.
•shows if there are subgroups or divisions within the team.
•benchmarks – How the team compares with the other teams.
•identifies the specific development areas.

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