Extended DISC Research Module

The Personal Analysis questionnaire can be amended by using a Research Module. A Research Module allows you to add tailored questions to a standard Extended DISC Personal Analysis questionnaire, which enables you to collect additional data from the respondent.

What is Research Module used for?

Research Module can be used for several applications. Examples could be recruitment (when
a client wants to add additional questions to the Extended DISC Personal Analysis questionnaire) and training (when a trainer wants the participants to prepare for the training by answering a set of questions). The answers given by respoindents can be sent together with the report and/or downloaded later in Excel format.

How the content of a Research Module can be tailored?

  • feedback/evaluation after a presentation at a general conference/expo
  • evaluation connected with a presentation at a conference/expo
  • small survey marketing activity - additional information about organization, applications, benefits
  • bigger research study
  • support the HR administration activities
  • self-assessment in organization’s behavioral competencies
  • additional test /questionnaire

What are some of the applications?

  • recruitment
  • coaching
  • leadership, management
  • communication
  • motivation
  • teamwork
  • change management
  • decision making
  • negotiations
  • customer service / sales
  • career development

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