Extended DISC Statistics - International Stress Indicators

Extended DISC Statistics - International Stress Indicators

  The National Stress Indicator™ (“NSI”) is one outcome of Extended DISC International’s continuous global research and interest in understanding not only individuals, teams and corporations but also whole nations.

  In mechanics, stress is defined as the force exerted to an object. If the force (stress) becomes stronger or lasts longer than what the material of the object can resist, it deforms.  Similarly, in behavioural sense, stress is the external pressure the person feels that forces the person away from their comfort zone.

  A certain amount of stress comes with normal everyday tasks and responsibilities within a work environment.  NSI does not measure a stress that a person is in control over and accepts.

  NSI measures the amount of negative stress pressure a group of individuals feel they face.  The higher the NSI score, the less balanced, peaceful and secure the population feels the environment is.

  To calculate NSI, the population data is collected from the users of the Extended DISC system around the world.  No identification of an individual is shown within that data transfer.

  The population represents the average working adult population in each country.

  The score is collected from the Extended DISC Profiles.  Extended DISC Personal Analysis measures not only the most natural behavioural preference of an individual, but also how the person feels the current environment pushes him/her to adjust his/her behaviour to better adjust to the requirements of the environment.

  Every individual gets a stress score that is based on the size and importance of negative stress indications in the Profile.  A Profile with no indication of any negative pressure gets a zero score.  The highest possible score is 5.0.

  The latest results we currently have available are for the twelve months ended 31st December 2009 and we will provide the results for 2010 when they come available.


The following international table divides the whole population by gender:

  The NSI gives the society a lot to think about and its purpose is to raise discussions within the country.  It clearly reflects not only the stress in work but also the general attitude towards work and individualism.

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