Extended DISC Training & Certification Options

Extended DISC Training & Certification Options

Talent Tools provides a  range of training options to suit all levels of implementing Extended DISC in your organisation or business. 

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Our training is facilitated by Certified Extended DISC Master Trainer, Sharon Hudson, Australia's most experienced Extended DISC Accreditor.

Sharon has been providing Extended DISC Certification programs since 2004 and has extensive experience in the application of Extended DISC to HR challenges in organisations, in training and coaching. Her extensive Extended DISC Accreditation Training experience is backed up by over 15 years in Human Resource Management and Organisational Development roles and a range of academic of study. Some of Sharon's qualifications include - Graduate Diploma of Management Psychology, Graduate Certificate in Learning Techonology, Bachelor of Adult and Vocational Training, Advanced Diplomas in Business HR Management and (Frontline Management, Dilpomas in Project Management and Training and Assessment.


PUBLIC OR IN-HOUSE Extended DISC Certification @ Talent ToolsCHOICES :

  1. Half Day An introductory half day program - DISC Theory & Personal Analysis
  2. One day session focusing on DISC Theory, Personal and Pair Analysis.  Successful participants are "CertifiedDISC Practitioners"
  3. Two day official Extended DISC International Certification Program which covers all the products available from Extended DISC and provides “graduates” with the qualification of "Certified Extended DISC Accredited Consultant and Trainer"
  4. Two hour online training sessions to meet your current needs.
  5. Refresher training (and rates) are available for all of these sessions.

 If you have 3 or more participants in-house is the most cost effective option.

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  • As per the options above
  • customised to suit your requirements based on the above
  • Refresher Training
  • fully customised and at an hourly rate

ONLINE (Virtual Classroom) OPTIONS:

  • choose any of  options above
  • Refresher training
  • up to 2 people can be trained at any computer with internet access
  • Fully customised to meet your needs.

Talent Tools offers flexible content Extended DISC training face-to-face or online training designed to meet your specific requirements and needs.

If you can't see an option above to suit you, we will design your training with you.

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