Extended DISC Work Pair Analysis

Extended DISC® Work Pair Analysis is a very powerful tool. It is easy to use and very cost effective. It is no wonder that it is so widely utilized. Work Pair Analysis is designed to provide information that allows two individuals to take action that will have a positive impact on their performance.

Work Pair Analysis is a tool that combines the results of two individuals into one, user-friendly report. It identifies the styles of individuals, how the styles complement one another, and where the behavior gaps exist.

Work Pair Analysis can improve the performance between:

•Supervisor & Subordinate
•Peer & Peer
•New Employee & Manager
•Coach & Coachee
•Team Member & Team Member
•Employee & Administrative Assistant
•Salesperson & Customer
One of the very popular features of Work Pair Analysis is that it clearly demonstrates that while two similar styles often get along well, they not only amplify their strengths, but also their weaknesses. As a result, their performance is not optimal. Typically the employees are not aware of this fact losing a lot of time and money.

One System – Multiple Solutions:
One of the unquestionable strengths of Extended DISC® Work Pair Analysis is that it integrates with other Extended DISC® tools. Once a person has completed the questionnaire, the user can also create:

•Personal Analysis
•Team Analysis
•Open 360
•Job Analysis
As a result, users do not have to learn new models, terminology and concepts to have access to a wide range of powerful applications.

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