FinxS - our new online platform

Written on the 28 July 2014

FinxS - our new online platform

Together with other Extended DISC representatives worldwide, we have been testing a new online platform for some months.  The flexibility of the system has astonished us and we are keen to introduce the program, named FinxS, to clients that we expect will want to use the enhanced options which are not available in our current Extended DISC reports.
FinxS will not suit all clients immediately as the standard Extended DISC Reports in most cases provide all that is required by the majority of our clients.  However, the option to change over to FinxS will be available to those who are looking for additional information and report design flexibility over the coming months.
Extended DISC Australasia will work with our clients over the next few months to establish your specific requirements whether it be FinxS or EDOS.

Some of the features of FinxS are:

  • Create your own report with unlimited flexibility in format and content
  • Define your needs and let Extended DISC Australasia design it for you
  • Select from thousands of behavioural competencies and/or create your own
  • Create your own Job templates (formally Job Comparisons)
  • Compare the person against any benchmark group…..other applicants, best performers, all staff members, previous applicants, industry averages, national averages etc
  • Produce tailored versions of the same reports for different users, coaches/coaches’ clients, interviewer/interviewee, manager/subordinate etc.
  • Have your own text (comments, instructions, advice etc.)
  • Multiple user levels
  • Easy to use and surprisingly quick to learn
  • Extended DISC Australasia will have access to reports developed in other countries
  • Produce “industry specific” reports eg. Recruitment Reports perhaps incorporating extracts from our Reasoning Analysis Reports (classic IQ test), Open 360 questions and other information required by recruitment consultants
  • New features to be added over the coming months

FinxS will change the way we think of assessment tools and there is simply no other assessment system available that can offer the same flexibility in report format and content.
We look forward to answering any questions on FinxS and will continue to provide updates on the development of the system and available reports.