FREE Hot Buttons Test - What's your conflict trigger?

Written on the 27 July 2014

Not only is it important to understand how people respond to conflict, it is useful to know what kinds of situations are most likely to create conflicts. This test Conflict Dynamics Profile with Hot Buttons Test available from Talent Toolspresents a subset of frequently occurring hot buttons used in the Conflict Dynamics Profile (CDP). It is not meant to be a comprehensive examination of hot buttons but rather a way of introducing and illustrating the concept. You will only be shown your highest scoring hot button. If there are ties, only one hot button will be displayed.

Hot buttons are but one part of the CDP, which incorporates a comprehensive look at both constructive and destructive responses to conflict. We urge you to read more about the CDP on the other pages of this site.

In this test, please indicate how upset you get when you have to deal with various kinds of people and behavior. These items ask you to indicate which situations produce the most and least irritation and frustration for you-the kind of irritation and frustration which leads to interpersonal conflict in the workplace. For each of the following items, please indicate how upset you get in this situation.