Have You Upgraded to Extended DISC Yet? SPECIAL OFFERS - Upgrade from old DISC products

Written on the 1 February 2008 by Sharon Hudson

Have You Upgraded to Extended DISC Yet?   SPECIAL OFFERS  - Upgrade from old DISC products

Have you upgraded to Extended DISC® yet?

Extended DISC® has expanded from its origins in Finland to over 40 countries and is available in over 50 languages. Each language conversion undergoes rigorous process of customisation to ensure the reliability and integrity of the instruments is maintained. Finland is rapidly becoming a leader in world-wide technology and ICT. Extended DISC International is now the world’s most advanced and fastest growing business information system.

Most of our clients are former old DISC users who have upgraded their assessments to Extended DISC®. They like the combination of easy to use, locally managed tools combined with enhanced technical and application capabilities the Extended DISC provides.

At Talent Tools we are committed to being accessible and providing support when and how you need it on an ongoing basis. We also deliver Advanced Practitioner Training and Extended DISC Professional Development opportunities to our clients. The Extended DISC customer focused business model is one of our clear competitive advantages.

You should upgrade to Extended DISC if you:

• deserve a higher level of customer service you currently receive?
• are using assessments that are not generating decent profit margin
• your assessments to not provide on-selling opportunities
• become frustrated because your current product or supplier cannot adapt to your business imperatives?
• have to deal with a range of suppliers and different products to meet your assessment, analysis, profiling, 360 feedback and organisational survey requirements?
• have to pay exorbitant consultancy fees to have reports generated externally?
• loose business because clients have already “done DISC?"
• are having difficulty demonstrating tangible outcomes for the client/CEO?

Contact us today to find out if Extended DISC® how can help you upgrade quickly to be ahead of the competition. Or take an advantage of our Special Offer.

Extended DISC Practitioners have FREE access to our DISC Client VIP Site where the latest software and manual upgrades are always available.

The range of resources available to you includes:

• Product Brochures
• Support Materials
• Example Reports
• Newsletters
• Marketing Materials
• Training Resources
• Training Exercises
• Technical Information
• Slide Library
• PowerPoint Presentations
• Validation Report

You will be provided with a Username and Password to access all of these resources when you commence to use Extended DISC. How long would it take you and how much would it cost you to develop these for yourself?

Thousands of dollars worth of resources – available to you FREE.

At Extended DISC you only pay for the tools you use and reports you generate. We even give you the software FREE to get started. We prefer to give you as much as we possibly can so you concentrate on your building your business and focus on your clients.

Special Offers for users of old DISC based products:

1. Upgrade your old DISC product certification/accreditationto Accredited Extended DISC Practitioner for just $99click to register and scroll down to your location, where asked for ticket type choose I am already accredited.

2. You are invited to test run Extended DISC. See for yourself the enhanced reporting capability and suite of 11 professional HR tools available to you from the world’s fastest growing assessment system.

To receive the CD, click here, and complete our contact form, be sure to put in your postal address as the CD will be dispatched by AustPost. In the message section –“Please send me the trial CD”.

Contact us today to find out if Extended DISC® how can help you upgrade quickly to be ahead of the competition.

Author:Sharon Hudson

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