How can the use of Extended DISC benefit Professional firms?

How can the use of Extended DISC benefit Professional firms?


             How can the use of Extended DISC benefit Professional firms?

The success of any professional firm is largely dependent on two main resources………………

People and Technology

The professions provide services and expertise which are delivered by people, therefore all successful professional firms place a heavy emphasis on the quality of the people they employ. Their fees are usually time based and quite often they have to quote or estimate the time involved on a job. Therefore it is important that that the time charged to a job is recovered in full in the fee.


Within the organisational structure of a successful professional firm there will be the following types of people
Gatherers: people who can bring new clients into the firm
Minders: people who are great at looking after existing clients and can increase the fee earned
per client
Specialists: people who have specialist knowledge expertise
Managers: people who manage the workflow and team of workers
Doers: people who actually do the work
Support: reception, admin, IT, etc.

Different combinations of natural behavioural styles are required for each of these roles and Extended DISC can determine a person’s natural behavioural style.

The key challenges for the principals of professions are:

  • The selection of the right person for the job
  • The retention of key personnel.
Motivation of these people.

To address these requirements:

  1. Selection of staff: the use of the Extended DISC Personal Analysis Report will ensure that the behavioural style of the candidate meets the job requirement. It does not measure professional ability but it will identify the applicant’s natural unconscious behavioural style. There is also the Job Analysis Report which correctly identifies the job requirements enabling the measurement of the applicant’s natural inclination against the job requirement.
  2. Retention of staff: the Extended DISC Personal Analysis Report provides an insight into the emotions, - it identifies stress, insecurity, uncertainty and other issues enabling the employer to ensure they maintain the best communication possible with their team. Other Extended DISC tools such as the Work Pair Analysis, the Team Analysis, and the 360 Programs also contribute to assisting with retention.
  3. Motivation of staff: the Extended DISC Personal Analysis Report contains a special section that identifies when a team member is not motivated. This section, the Present Situation page, focuses especially on the influence of the current environment on the staff member’s motivation as far as specific needs are concerned. If these needs are addressed, the person becomes motivated once again.
By using Extended DISC Personal Analysis Reports when hiring staff, employers can determine:
  • Whether the behavioural style is suitable for the position advertised
  • How best to communicate with the applicant in the future
  • Whether the person currently has any emotional problems (maybe caused through their work role)
  • How the applicant’s specific style will fit with the style of others he/she needs to work alongside
  • Amongst other things, what motivates the applicant thereby enabling the employer to know immediately how to ensure the applicant is productive from the start
For retention:
  • Choosing the most suitable applicant helps!
  • Focusing on the Present Situation page and specifically the influence of the current environment on the staff member’s motivation as far as specific needs are concerned is vital information for any employer
For motivation:
  • The report specifies precisely what motivates the person, what his/her fears are, what he/she try to avoid, identifies their “development areas” and outlines their behaviour under pressure.
  • It also shows their comfort zones, the area in which they can operate with least energy
  • It compares their conscious behavioural style with their unconscious style enabling the measurement of emotions.

How can Extended DISC be used to assist clients who are having human resource issues?

To assist clients
  • The Personal Analysis Report provides the same information for clients as it does for the firm, and is therefore a valuable human resources tool.
  • Some professionals are using the Personal Analysis Report to better understand their clients. The report provides immediate knowledge of their present situation and enables the professional to better communicate with them.
  • The use of the Work Pair Analysis where two clients are forming a partnership, becoming co-directors, or where two people in any organisation are to work together, enables them to better understand each other and provides a more efficient sharing of responsibilities.
  • The use of the Team Analysis Report in situations where a team may be dysfunctional or where there are some organisational problems has proved to be a most effective tool. It is invaluable in acquisitions, takeovers and mergers.
  • The Team Alignment Report describes a team’s present behaviour and the role of the different players. It compares the team’s potential, existing behaviour and organisational goals.

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Author:Clyde Colson, Extended DISC Australasia