Invalid Results - Extended DISC Analysis

Written on the 12 August 2014 by Extended DISC North America

Invalid Results - Extended DISC Analysis

Many assessment tools generate a report even if a respondent just randomly/blindly selects answers. As you can imagine, the validity of the results is questionable.

Invalid Profile on Extended DISC ReportExtended DISC® does not generate a report when the validity of the results is very low. This situation is called an “invalid profile”. The underlying reason for an invalid profile is that a person did not respond consistently to the 24 questions. As a result, it is not possible to identify the person’s style because the responses create a flat Profile.

Rather than providing information that can be inaccurate and that could be misused and misinterpreted, Extended DISC® creates an “invalid profile” message.

It is VERY important to note and to remember that an invalid profile does not indicate a problem. It is very likely that the user was not able to concentrate when completing the questionnaire or perhaps simply misunderstood the instructions. Simply ask the user to complete the questionnaire again. There is no charge for invalid results.

Since one of the reasons for invalid profile is that the person is under stress, try to wait several days before asking the person complete the questionnaire again, if possible.

It could also be the result of a “technical glitch” (or similar) for this. You could say: “Would you mind completing the questionnaire again. There must have been some type of interruption in the Internet connection and we could not capture all of your responses. I am sorry about the inconvenience.”That way you do not put additional pressure on the person.

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