Now you can quickly, easily and very cheaply use pulse surveys

Written on the 14 December 2016 by Talent Tools

Now you can quickly, easily and very cheaply use pulse surveys

Using our simple and intuitive interface, you can be viewing the responses in minutes

   Customise demographic questions (multiple choice) to segment and compare results eg. by location, department ole etc,

   Insert your questions. Use a sub-set of a previous survey, write new questions from scratch or select items from a our proprietary goal-question bank.

   Preview your work and invite employees to participate and view the results as they come in.


Customer Pulse Check + Talent Pulse Check
What you can measure - you can improve

The Customer/Employee Feedback tool can be used at point-of-sale as well as at a dedicated url online. Both feed into the live results. It allows up to ten measurement questions plus segmentation information (multi-choice format) and optional open question. The open question can be used to gather general feedback or contact details if required.

Talent Pulse, Real Time Measure at Talent Tools

Responses can take less than 20 seconds, encouraging high participation. If used at point of sale, the Customer/Employee Feedback tool does not rely on anyone logging on to a website in their own time (like many other systems do). All that is required is an internet capable device, such as an iPad, tablet or mobile phone.  You can also insert a link on your website which is ideal for online shoppers or email a link directly to targeted customers in order to collect relevant data.

There is no limit to the number of customer feedback responses, with results processed and available to view online instantly. This enables you to assess and respond to development areas with substantiated, meaningful data.

Pricing is currently set at a fixed monthly rate of $100 + gst (for a dedicated URL line for any one outlet), for 4 month's access or $115+ gst for monthly access. We are happy to negotiate these terms for multiple outlets.

Where can Customer/Employee Feedback be used?

Employee Feedback

  • Any short employee Survey - can be  completed following a link in an email or message or at ipad or tab stations

    •  Sentiment check - to gauge employee mood or sentiment on a periodic basis, i.e., employees' most recent experiences at work

    •  Initiative check - to measure employee reactions to large-scale company events such as a merger or acquisition, or reorganisation

    •  Progress check - to measure how well you've succeeded in addressing priority areas identified in a previous employee engagement survey

Customer Feedback

  • Shops, Cafes, Restaurants  - can be completed while settling the account
  • Banks, Hotels, Airlines - can be completed whilst receiving the service
  • Service Industries - link or Q Code can be provided with invoice
  • Social & Sports Events - can be completed on exit from the venue
  • Conference and Training Courses - can email at the end of the course
  • Online shoppers - can be completed at the end of a transaction

Talent Pulse Monitor
What you can monitor - you can maintain

The Talent Pulse Monitor version automatically emails short, customised questions to participants at a frequency of your choice e.g. daily, fortnightly or monthly. If employees don't have their own email address e.g. on the factory floor, we can enable them to log into the system through any internet capable device using a number allocated to them.

The system can take up to 10,000 emails so this tool can be used to gather feedback from a client base as well. A maximum of eight questions is recommended in order to maintain high response rates, but can handle many more. There is also the option for additional open questions, to gather any general feedback. Pricing for this is negotiated according to the number of respondents using the system and the period of use - a few months or ongoing. Using an ongoing system the questions can be changed periodically so you can always monitor something, somewhere in the organisation. Or swap it to another client.


Talent Pulse, Real Time Measure at Talent Tools


  • Company management efficacy
  • Management living the values
  • Individual department performance
  • Perceptions of internal communication
  • Work-life balance
  • Employee satisfaction
  • Engagement levels
  • Workplace culture or wellbeing
  • Perceived stress levels
  • Time management issues
  • Workplace Health & Safety Perceptions

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