Points of You (The Coaching Game) - Organisational Group Activity

Written on the 3 May 2013 by Points of You & Talent Tools

Points of You (The Coaching Game) - Organisational Group Activity

Organisational Team/Group Activity

  1. Define the issue, objective or goal of the group activity - what you want to achieve, for example, to generate exploration
     of the concept of cooperation in general, and particularly who to achieve cooperation within this team. 

2. Take the Coaching Cards out, and present the process thusly:

    ”We’re going to have a discussion about cooperation, and thus doing, we’re going to try to identify how each team
    member views this topic. We’re going to do so in an unusual yet fun way ? we’re going to play a game.
    I have here 65 cards. Each card has a word and a picture. I’m going to place the cards in the middle of the circle
    face up, and you’ll all get five minutes to choose one card each. I want you each to choose a card that reflects
    what you feel to be the most important component needed (or that should not be present) in successful

   Now spread out the cards face up as you’ve explained (click here to read about the face-down option),
   and begin to play. When players have chosen their card, they return to their places.

3. While the players are choosing, observe the dynamic between the team members: Do they cooperate?
    Do two or more players want the same card? If so, how do they arrive at an agreement (or not)? Which cards
    seem to catch the attention of the various players?

4. After everyone has chosen and taken their places, go around the circle and let each player explain to the group
    which card s/he chose and why. Did s/he vacillate between two cards? Was it the word that caught his or her eye,
    or the picture?
    In addition, you can also raise questions about cooperation in the team, for example:
     a. Is what is represented by your card present in our cooperation as a team?
     b. What do you believe would happen if all of us were to behave according to your card?
     c. Do you believe that you yourself act according to what’s represented on your card?
   In addition, the players can be encouraged to relate to each other’s card choices and give their points of view on
   others’ choices.

5. You might also wish to read aloud a few stories / quotes / queries from the Coaching Book that you feel would
    add to the process, interspersing reading them aloud with the players’ presentations.
    We recommend choosing these in advance

6. When everyone has had a chance to speak, it’s time for wrap-up:
    Give everyone a few minutes to write down insights that arose from the process relating to cooperation, as well
    as one main insight related to cooperation in this particular team.(for more information - Coaching Tickets)
    Ask everyone to write down an action that s/he plans to take that will improve cooperation in the team:
     a. In the upcoming 24 hours
     b. In the upcoming week
     c. In the upcoming month

After everyone has finished writing, once again, go around the circle and have each player tell the others what s/he
is taking with him or her from the encounter. If there’s time, we recommend that each player share his or her insight
and actions s/he plans to take, in order to create a sense of personal commitment to the group.

Author:Points of You & Talent Tools