Product Education: Extended DISC Performance 360

Product Education: Extended DISC Performance 360

For some reason, we are receiving increasing enquiries about our Open and Performance 360 tool, so it is timely that we take a look at the product.

Our new flexible online platform will provide us with even greater versatility, but the new system is not due for release until 11/11/11. In the meantime, the current product is proving to be popular and deserves some space in this month’s FactSheet.

The Extended DISC Open 360 is used to measure skills, competencies and/or behaviours in an organisation. The results form a base for discussion in a feedback session, performance appraisal, in a coaching session, assessment/development, providing additional information on an individual, leadership/management development, effectiveness of a training programme, defining training needs and even in succession planning!

The results can be presented at individual, team, division and organisational level, and the results relating to an individual can be compared with others and/or to benchmark in team/division/organisational situations.

The questionnaire has up to 15 question groups in its current format, and in addition, up to 4 open-ended questions. The answering scale can be between 2 and 10, but again under the new platform this range can be increased.

Assessors can be divided into groups (eg. supervisors, peers, subordinates), each participant will receive an email with an individual invitation and password, participants fill in the question online at and once all the participants have answered, the report is produced.

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 Results can be delivered in Excel format, to enable preparation in different internal summaries/statistics or can be delivered in default PDF format.

The results can be presented, by questions in score order, by question groups, (overview and each group in detail) or by questions in number order.

Different comparison reports in default PDF format can also be prepared upon request. For example:
  • Comparison: person’s results before a training programme and one year later
  • Benchmark: results of selected sales people vs sales department
  • Benchmark: results of different departments within the organisation
  • Benchmark: results of subsidiaries in different locations.

Please call our office toll free on 1800768 569 (Australia), or 61 7 3103 0177 elsewhere, for further information on this versatile tool.                     Or Request a 360 Info Pack.


To find out more about Extended DISC and how it can help you grow or improve your business,
please contact us at Talent Tools - 1800 768 569