The 1, 2 3 of Profitable Workplaces

Written on the 1 September 2016 by Sharon Hudson, Director, Talent Tools

Profitable workplaces start with talent.

1.  Recognise your talent strengthsStrengthscope Training and Reports at Talent Tools

To get the most out of your employees, (and yourself) you need to know each person's peak performance zone (PPZ).

What is a PPZ? The PPZ is where your areas of competence (skills, knowledge and abilities overlap with what energises you at work.

This information enables managers to empower employees by allocating tasks they know the person will enjoy doing and do well, instilling confidence and a greater sense of worth and contribution at the individual, team and systemic levels.

Your managers can now essentially let their employees get on with the jobs they do well without having to micro-manage or intervene. People typically tend to flourish when using their strengths, and so enabling this will help to create a positive, active flow of both individual and team performance. Aligning employee strengths with the pursuit of challenging and meaningful goals will also optimise overall team output.

2.  Embody the shared vision

To get the most from your organisation, each person needs to understand and share the organisation's vision, values and expectations.

You need to ensure everyone in your organisation is on the same page regarding the aims, goals and general direction of the company. Portray your key strategic vision so strongly that everyone embodies it and demonstrates alignment with your organisation's mission. Unison negates the likelihood of workplace conflict or confusions between employees, and even clients.

3.  Cultivate a strengths culture

The whole is greater than the sum of its parts! A profitable workplace realises a return on talent. Cultivating a strong sense of team achievement chemistry and synergy is key to wellbeing at work and overall productivity. Build your positive workplace on the solid foundation of a strengths-based culture.

How do I identify someone's PPZ? 

Strengthscope offers a unique, professional strength assessment services that help organisations to identify and optimise the abilities of employees, thus assisting them to achieve peak performance levels

If you would like to improve profits in your workplace and enhance your business strengths, then our range of strengths assessments are a great tool to use to bring to light existing strengths that can be optimised and worked with efficiently. To discuss your options, please call 1800 768 569 or 61 7 3103 0177 or email us at Talent Tools.

Author:Sharon Hudson, Director, Talent Tools