The Extended DISC Personal Analysis- behavioural analysis tool for personal development and careeers

The Extended DISC Personal Analysis- behavioural analysis tool for personal development and careeers

The Extended DISC Personal Analysis is a behavioural analysis tool for personal development and career progression.

Learn to maximise your natural behavioural characteristics in management, leadership, customer service, selling and any communication.

Each analysis provides you with:

  • A description of how you might be seen by others including your key attributes, motivators, communication and decision making style.
  • A summary of your motivators, strengths, development areas and areas you would prefer to avoid or delay.
  • A graphical description of your natural behavioural characteristics.
  • A diamond graph of your natural behavioural style and their flexibility zones to show you where you can make the most gains in the shortest period of time.
  • A diagram of the your natural behavioural style alongside a diagram of how your natural behavioural style is adapting to your current environment. This shows if you are comfortable with your current work environment and whether your are stretched too far, or restricted in your current role.
  • Personal Analysis is a wonderful tool not only for yourself, but for everyone communicating with you. You will increase your understanding of human behaviour: your own and others.


The Extended DISC system is independently validated, used in over 55 countries, available in 60 languages and used by some of the world’s largest and most successful organisations

As a special bonus, you can choose an additional one-page Style Report focusing on any of your:Extended DISc Personal Analysis Report at Talent Tools

  • Administrative Style
  • Customer Service Style
  • Sales Style
  • Project Style
  • Training Style
  • Management Style
  • Leadership Style
  • Entrepreneurial Style
  • Team Style
  • Information Technology Style

(Additional Style reports may be purchased for $21 each.)


How do I get my DISC Extended Personal Profile and learn more about myself?

Click here and go to e-DISC online to take a personal analysis.   (or enter this url in your browser:  )

  1.  Make sure the desired language is the one you first learnt to speak fluently as a child - your natural languge
  2.  Enter the access code:   AUS-TTDATA
  3.  Click submit
  4.  Fill in the required information and click “I am ready to begin”.
  5.  Please read the instructions CAREFULLY! (Fill in all 24 questions)
  6.  The assessment will take 7-10 minutes!
  7.  Click one “M” and one “L” for each of the 24 segments.
  8.  You will end up with 48 checks on the page.
  9.  For each group, click only 1 M for Most and 1 L for Least like you.

The results come to us automatically in about 10 minutes. We will invoice you $150 (+ GST if you are in Australia) and forward your report to you.

 You will receive a complimentary follow-up discussion, of up to 1 hour, to talk you through the analysis and help you gain the most from your DISC Extended Personal Profile.



We look forward to hearing from you soon. You can email us or simply call 07 3103 0177