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Written on the 23 July 2014

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Extended DISC is the leader in understanding how information about people can generate business value to our clients. Talent Tools is an Accreditation Body and wholesale distributor of Extended DISC products, we service each client with individuality and tailor our approach, services and products to reflect your needs and your brand.

MBTI v Extended DISC Diamond at Talent Tools

How Extended DISC differs from other DISC based products


We often have to field the comment "Oh yes, we know DISC. It is a simple program," and of course, the obvious conclusion from that is that it will be "cheap and cheerful" as indeed some are!

The four quadrant model was originally developed in 1928 by William Moulton Marston and no- one owns the DISC brand. That is why so companies, and individuals, have created their own proprietary DISC assessments -- and also accounts for the vast differences in product validity and reliability.

One of the main reasons DISC assessments and DISC profiles are widely used around the world is because DISC theory is easy to understand, and it is easy to identify the different styles because there are only four basic behavioural styles to learn and remember.

There is a common belief that DISC tools lack the depth needed for many applications and this is a fair criticism, as most do only recognise and report on the four styles, a few on eight and even Myers Briggs only recognises and reports on sixteen. This leaves practitioners operating with blunt instruments.

Extended DISC identifies and reports, in-depth, on 160 different behavioural styles (40 in each of the four quadrants) which sets the  Extended DISC System apart from competitors.Extended DISc Diamond - 160 Styles

Extended DISC uses the four quadrant model as a basis for the 160 different styles it recognises and measures. It is important to understand that this is simply a framework for a much deeper and more meaningful reporting structure.

But there are many other important distinguishing features that can't be matched by other four quadrant models:

  • Other DISC products ask the candidate about how they see themselves in their current work role and/or the questionnaire asks specific questions, sometimes requiring a "yes" or "no" choice. As a result the report focuses on the conscious behavioural style, and of course, this will vary depending on the environment at the time of answering.  
  • The Extended DISC questionnaire asks the candidate to imagine describing themselves at work when answering and asks what is "Least" like them and what is "Most" like them. The "Least" questions are the most difficult to answer and this requires the candidate to think more deeply about their actual behaviour and therefore produces a report that shows who the individual actually is (their unconscious behavioural style) and not what they believe they need to be in the current answering scenario or environment.
  • The Extended DISC questionnaire is very difficult to manipulate and the system recognises inconsistent or random answering. It will not generate (nor charge for) a report  that has an indication of confused or unreliable answers. This feature is unique to Extended DISC while others produce a report regardless of an answering pattern and reliability.
  • Extended DISC's adaptive FinxS Online Platform enables clients to produce tailored focused reports and not rely on "off the shelf" reports as promoted by competitors.

Many Extended DISC competitors have an array of reports available, but by using the Extended DISC FinxS platform, you can choose from over 1200 different competencies, very much customising focusing reports, in both format and content. Sometimes, you need one report for the respondent, different information for a recruiter and then different focus for the employee's supervisor. YOU CAN HAVE IT ALL.

  • Design different reports for different stakeholder needs - at no extra cost!
  •  Include photos logos, values, mission statements (or whatever...) even add a work-book for training participants. A recruitment report becomes an on-boarding and then development tool, branded with your own colours, look and feel.
  • Your FinxS reports can be specific to different roles, understanding, for example, the different competencies required in a sales role for a successful real estate agent as distinct to a computer salesperson, or again a car salesman.

FinxS Extended DISC Reports at Talent Tools


Best of all, once a behavioural report has been produced, any number of additional reports can be generated for the same individual at no additional cost. It could be that a candidate applies for a sales role, but during the interview process some leadership behaviours become apparent. A second report focusing on leadership or even a third report focusing on management competencies can be generated, 2 years down the track. No cost.

Team, Multi-person, Couples or Work Pair reports are available - no cost, providing each team member has produced a behavioural report

Amongst a number additional features, you are provided with admin access to the FinxS server 24/7 and can select any number competencies they want to relate to the candidate, and view them online through "Open Preview" without printing a report.


One of the many great features of adaptive FinxS, is its ability to add content to behavioural reports through Report Designer. This allows you to create focused reports for themselves and/or your employees and/or clients.

Our FinxS Report Designer has a number of options for the user to select from including different graphics, job templates, insert data fields and competencies. Some of the other report designing options including adding images, text boxes, additional pages and workbooks.

Make a time for a Team Talent Tools Consultant to show you how to use the report designer's many options so you can create reports that are just right for you and/or your clients.

Among many other benefits are

  • Customised DISC Reports at Talent Tools - Extended DISC, eDISC, FinxS, EDOS, DISC ProfilesBetter hiring decisions
  • Reduces staff turnover
  • Higher productivity
  • Better use of individual strengths
  • Enhanced communication
  • Better sales results
  • More efficient team work
  • More effective organisation
  • Better management decisions
  • Better business plans
  • Better business results!

Unique Features

  • Extended DISC measures emotions
  • More behavioral styles than in any other instrument
  • Extended DISC is difficult to cheat
  • More stable results than with any other instrument
  • Measures the individual both on unconscious AND conscious levels
  • Extended DISC not only assesses, but also helps the individual with developmental suggestions
  • Extended DISC text bank is significantly larger than competitors'
  • Extended DISC Reports are easy to obtain
  • Available in several languages
  • Extended DISC® Diamond
  • Extended DISC® Assessment System

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