Using Employee Satisfaction Surveys as Diagnostic Tools

Written on the 19 September 2014

Working with consultants and/or management,reports can be tailored with a precise focus and are ideal to suit the need of consultants, (human resource or management professionals).
The advantage is they can be integrated with other FinxS tools designed for the specific project planned.

This can be anything from organisational change management, a focus on human resource
challenges, a review of management performance or a host of other reasons that involve the
performance of management, teams or individuals.
The uses for FinxS are not confined to large businesses and can be just as effective for consultants and/or managers working in the small to medium sized business sector.End of Financial Year



By working with consultants in designing reports for specific projects, the tools can be customised to provide information that is much more relevant, rather than relying on more generic type reports that do not have the same precise focus.

Let’s look at FinxS Climate Surveys,which can be tailored specifically for such processes as Employee atisfaction Surveys.

There is a range of graphics available with FinxS and we have shown three of them (see opposite) in this article. (We used another example in our May newsletter).

The use of traffic light format in the reports (see first example above) together with any preferred graphic/s makes the report easy to read and helps identify issues that need addressing.

FinxS Employee Satisfaction Surveys can be customised to meet the needs of an individual organisation. In general they are aimed at all aspects of the employee’s job role. The study can analyse everything from an employee’s workload to their relationships with co-workers and managers, to their salary, to company policies and anything in between. Studies can range from focused (targeting specific problem areas) to general (overall employee input).

Employee Satisfaction Surveys provide management with the knowledge and tools to build positive employee relationships and a positive work environment.Employee attitudes, burnout tendencies, passion factors, loyalty, workplace climate and competitive intelligence are key indicators for employee retention, satisfaction and productivity.

Effective businesses focus on creating and reinforcing employee satisfact ion to get the best return from their “human capital”. FinxS Surveys provide flexible options. Multiple question types with no limitations on response groups, question groups or the number of questions available. Combining or extracting results
from multiple response groups are just some of the options.

Open ended questions, single choice questions, multiple choice questions, Likert scale questions, open scale questions, rating questions and conditional questions are also available.