Using FinxS Assessment Technology as a diagnostic tool

Written on the 11 June 2014 by TT and HRP

FinxS assessment technology is very flexible and powerful.

FinxS HR Profiling Solutions at Talent ToolsFinxS enables us to customise and design reports to the precise requirements of our individual clients and provide us with the ability to supply a raft of reports for the use of the system as a diagnostic tool. 

  Using FinxS Assessment Technology as a diagnostic tool The diagram opposite is just one of a wide range of formats we can use to graphically record information gathered for diagnosis via our Survey and 360 platforms. 

From these sources, we can identify trends and possible challenges that need addressing to enhance organisational performance    In almost every case, the cause of unsatisfactory performance is a human resources management problem and by using FinxS Open 360 and Surveys methodology, Team or Multi-person Reports, and/or Behavioural Reports, we can use FinxS to get to the nexus of the problem. 

The challenge might be performance related, but until the management issue is addressed the performance issue cannot be identified.  FinxS allows us to build our own assessment tool/s for each isue or problem we have encountere

Talent Tools provides tools provides you with tailored instruments, assessments and reports for different applications encountered by our internal and external consultant clients. We can design bespoke solutions for you to use with your clients or customers, and we can also teach you to build your own tools in FinxS..  

FinxS is extremely well validated, the Validation Study for 2013, which is yet to be published, usings a sample of over 1000,000 reports collected worldwide.


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Author:TT and HRP