What differentiates Extended DISC from other DISC tools?

Written on the 4 June 2009 by Clyde Colson

Why is the Extended DISC Diamond so valuable?

Extended DISC Diamond @ TalentTools

• Provides an easy way to get a good understanding of the main behavioural styles – helps combine the results of most Extended DISC tools
• Once a user learns how to interpret the Extended DISC Diamond, it is very easy to apply this knowledge to numerous applications at any level: individual, team, organisation, population. A unique way of understanding the big picture
• The Extended DISC Diamond provides us with a frame of reference to make intelligent decisions on where we need to go and how we get there
• Possible to use it in any language and for any application
• The framework is easy to learn, use and communicate. It enhances performance by giving a universal language understandable in any part of the world

If I know how to read the Extended DISC Diamond, how can I use my knowledge in every day work? Extended DISC Personal Analysis Diamond @ Talent Tools

Extended DISC Personal Analysis
• What is the person’s natural behavioural style and perceived need to adjust?
• How much and in what direction the individual’s behaviour is most flexible? In what areas is the person the farthest from the natural style? What is the required effort of adjustment?
• Which parts of person’s job fit in the Flexibility Zone?
• In what direction could one’s career be developed to enable it to stay in the most natural zones?

Extended DISC Work Pair Analysis Extended DISC Woprk Pair Diamond @ Talent Tools
• How similar or different are the two individuals?
• What are the strengths and weakness of the pair?
• How far from or close to each other are the two people?
• How should responsibilities be divided?

Extended DISC Team Analysis
• What is the team’s natural behavioral style and perceived need to adjust?
• What are the strengths and weaknesses of the team? What areas need improvement?
• What type of activities are required from the team? How well do the individuals and their job requirements match? Should responsibilities be reassigned?
• What specific managerial requirements are created by the distribution of team members’ styles?
• What are the communication and cooperation needs for people who are far apart or close to each other on the Diamond?
• What directions are the pressures the team feels? Why those?
• Who should we look for in future recruitment?

Extended DISC Team Diamond @ Talent Tools

Extended DISC - Other Products
Our other products using the Extended DISC Diamond are Personal Analysis 360, Job Analysis, Team Alignment, Organisational Analysis and Organisation Chart.


Author:Clyde Colson