What is the Extended DISC® Assessment System?

What is the Extended DISC® Assessment System?

What is the Extended DISC® Assessment System?

Extended DISC® is an excellent tool designed to help you to make better business decisions - with confidence. Extended DISC® provides you with the information that you need in order to maximise the performance of your people. Furthermore Extended DISC® will give you information that is immediately actionable and that has a positive effect on performance.

 By using Extended DISC® you can:

  • improve productivity
  • minimise conflict within the workplace
  • minimise unwanted employee turnover

This can all be achieved because Extended DISC® helps you to:

  • select the right person for the job, which includes choosing someone with the most suitable behavioural styles for the job

  • better understand your employees' strengths, motivators, development areas and the management style that they respond to best
  • better understand the behavioural style of the team as a whole and appreciate where there may be gaps and where the key strengths lie
  • better understand what motivates each member of your team, what instead are the issues that reduce motivation for them and what are their strengths and development areas
  • gain a clear understanding of the influence of the present environment on the individual's motivation
Extended DISC® is used extensively in organisations across the world to add value to business decisions in many situations, including:

  • Recruitment & selection: identifying the most suitable candidate for a job should not be limited to ensuring that they have the right skills and qualifications. It is important to ensure that their behavioural style suits the job and that if they have been previously employed in a similar role their unconscious behavioural style is relatively similar to their conscious style. If not then there may be some emotional issues that could impact on performance. Identifying such issues beforehand may help find better ways to address them early on.

  • Staff Retention and Motivation: the Extended DISC® report has a specific section which explains identifies what motivates staff members, what they try to avoid, and highlights their natural strengths and development areas. The report also helps to identify how their present work environment is impacting on their motivation. Understanding all of these issues will help retain staff and increase productivity.

  • Improve Communication: the importance of understanding employees' unconscious behavioural style (not only their adjusted style), understanding their listening style and for management to understand their own styles to improve communication 

The different Extended DISC® tools are also used extensively for Leadership and supervisory development, Organisational development, Team development and one-on-one Coaching

Extended DISC® Personal Analysis

Extended DISC® Personal Analysis is probably the most popular and widely used Extended DISC Report. It is a self-assessment tool that identifies the strengths and development areas of an individual from a behavioural perspective and guides the way forward to effective performance improvement.

The Personal Analysis assessment describes an individual's natural behavioural style and compares this with how the same individual perceives that they need to adjust their style to cope with their work environment. The results therefore show who the individual really is and not who he/she thinks they need to be in that environment. In this way the Personal Analysis assessment identifies the true strengths and development areas and paves the way for real performance improvement.

Extended DISC® Personal Analysis is excellent for recruitment, career progression and development. Each analysis provides:

  • A description of the person as they might be seen by others. This includes identifying their key attributes and motivators, their ideal manager, and their communication- and decision-making styles
  • A clear summary of their motivators, strengths, development areas and areas that they would prefer to avoid or delay
  • A graphical description of their natural behaviour characterisctics compared to how they perceive that they need to adjust their natural style in order to adapt to their current environment. Understanding the movement between these two profiles can help measure their emotions and provides vital information on their behaviour and performance
  • A "behaviour map" of the person's natural behavioural style and their flexibility zones helps identify where they can make most gains in the shortest period of time
  • A "present situation report" on the influence of the current environment on the person's motivation
  • Identifies interview questions directly related to the person's behavioural style

Extended DISC® Work Pair Analysis

The Work Pair Analysis helps define the strengths and weaknesses of the working styles of two individuals and helps them identify actions that need to be taken by each to enhance their combined performance. It combines the Personal Analysis results of two individuals into one user-friendly report and identifies the styles of each individual, how their styles complement each other and where behaviour gaps may exist. The Work Pair Analysis has multiple uses within any business, including for example:

    • A director/Partner and his or her Personal Assistant
    • An incoming Director/Partner and an existing Director/Partner
    • conflict situation between two team members or between a manager/supervisor and a team member
    • coach and employee being coached
    • two directors who need to work together following a take-over or a merger
    • potential employee and his/her manager or co-worker
Extended DISC® Team Analysis

The Team Analysis provides an easy-to-use framework to understand complex issues quickly, solve problems and improve team performance. It helps management align their business and team strategies with the behavioural characteristics of the team members.

The Team Analysis combines the results of the personal analysis results of each team member into one report. It shows the team dynamics, the strengths and development areas of the team and how the team members are adjusting their behaviours in the existing workplace environment.

Some popular applications of this tool include team development, conflict resolution, succession planning and organisational development.

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