Work Pair Analysis - Extended DISC

Work Pair Analysis - Extended DISC

Work Pair Analysis

Work Pair Analysis is a tool that combines the results of two individuals into one user friendly report.  It identifies the styles of the individuals, how the styles complement each other, and where the behaviour gaps exist.  It also provides information regarding what the individuals should:

  • Remember
  • Accept
  • Practice

when working together.

Work Pair Analysis provides the information in a visual, accessible and easy to understand format.

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One of the enlightening features of Work Pair Analysis is that it clearly demonstrates that while two similar styles often get along well, they not only amplify their strengths, but also their weaknesses.  As a result, their performance is not optimal.  Typically the participants are not aware of this fact.

Work Pair Analysis does not require the participants to complete another questionnaire.  As with the Team Analysis report, the Work Pair Analysis report can be generated from the data set provided by the responses of the Personal Analysis questionnaire.  It is that easy and convenient.

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Work Pair Analysis reports are very useful in situations where two people are contemplating setting up business together, or where two individuals decide to work closely on a specific project together.  In recruitment, comparing the likely candidate to the behavioural style of a person they will need to work with in their new position through the use of Work Pair Analysis provides the employer and the two participants with extremely valuable information on their likely weaknesses and strengths.

Work Pair Analysis reports enable the participants to:

  • Identify things that are easily forgotten
  • Understand that everyone’s way of thinking is biased
  • Learn practical things that make a work pair more effective
  • Open up discussion and solve communication problems

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