The Benny Experience


Benny Button makes it easier for people and organisations to realise their potential.

Our approach is focused on a cycle of three key phases.

Explore - Transform - Evolve




Know what you need to do

We use data analytics to unlock performance and wellbeing insights by profiling core factors of work and life wellbeing and performance.

Explore services include:


Personalised Profiling

Our Benny Button Profiler reveals an individuals profile across key wellbeing-performance factors to highlight development needs and strengths.

Wellbeing and Performance Heat Mapping

Explore the capability of your company using group level heat-mapping surveys that capture data insights across wellbeing, engagement, culture, and performance.

Custom Exploration

Tailored assessments designed to deeply explore areas key to your business, for instance deeper dives into mental health factors.


do what needs to be done

We help people synchronise the development of wellbeing and performance to promote growth towards work-life potential. 

Your data as well as performance psychology and wellbeing science informs the design and delivery of learning and development experiences.



From longer-term programs to single-sessions we create data driven science-based learning experiences that inspire action and behaviour change. Great when education and the application of learning are the core objective.

Wellbeing and performance Innovation workshops

Good for sessions that need to focus on moving from thinking to generating output, plans and outcomes with a target group.


Be the best you can be

We empower and support businesses to cultivate and sustain a high-performance culture over the long haul.

Drawing on our thought leadership in organisational and performance psychology, wellbeing science, workplace culture and employee engagement we help you continue to explore and transform by building and embedding a continuous learning and development culture with work-life agility front and centre.


Growth Culture

We capture and track the engagement and progress of participants to help you understand the value of the investment you have made in people and culture development across explore and transform phases. 

Corporate Governance

Wellbeing strategy and policy will soon be a legislative requirement. They are already critical in mitigating the impact of work place injuries or incidents. We can help you with simple and effective policies for your organisation.


We have retainer options where we can be a more continuous and consistent presence in your organisation rather than being a fly in fly out.