THE FOUR BEHAVIORAL STYLES - Summary of Behaviours
1: Dominance High "D" Style
      Decisive actions and decisions
      Likes control, dislikes inaction
      Prefers maximum freedom to manage himself and others
      Cool, independent, and competitive
      Low tolerance for feelings, attitudes, and advice of others
      Works quickly and impressively alone
      Good administrative skills
2: Influence High "I" Style
      Spontaneous actions and decisions
      Likes involvement
      Dislikes being alone
      Exaggerates and generalizes
      Tends to dream and gets other caught up in his dreams
      Jumps from one activity to another
      Works quickly and excitedly with others
      Seeks esteem and acknowledgment
      Good persuasive skills
3: Steadiness High "S" Style
      Slow at taking action and making decisions
      Likes close, personal relationships
      Dislikes interpersonal conflict
      Supports and actively listens to others
      Weak at goal setting and self direction
      Has excellent ability to gain support from others
      Works slowly and cohesively with others
      Seeks security and belongingness
      Good counseling skills
4: Conscientious High "C" Style
      Cautious actions and decisions
      Likes organization and structure
      Dislikes involvement
      Asks many questions about specific details
      Prefers objective, task-oriented, intellectual work environment
      Wants to be right, so can be overly reliant on data collection
      Works slowly and precisely alone
      Good problem-solving skills

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