Enabling energised, effective and engaged Teams

The better managers know and keep their people.

They know that employees have different strengths, concerns, motivators and levels of engagement.The better managers know that if these diverse needs are ignored there is a greater chance of employees becoming disengaged their work and work team.

Great employees leave managers, not their job, looking looking for managers who can operate at the speed of trust and have the key to unlock their potential.

This course is designed to help managers recognise each employee’s unique strengths and motivators, remove barriers that prevent peak performance and turn talent into performance.

Learn how to:
Read the behavioural style and motivational needs of different employees
Understand the goals and fears of your employees
Adapt your management approach to match the ability level and motivation of your individual employees
Recognise and reduce employee opposition, resistance and conflict
Develop employees who are more energised, effective and engaged
Identify and remove obstacles that are holding back potential performance
Find ways to help people become more and producitve and committed
Introductory Offer:

Public Workshop Participants just $880 (incls GST)

In-house Workshops from - $3300
email Team Talent Tools for more info and to book a date.

Venue: Tattersalls Club
Phone Enquiries: 07 3862 2859

Enabling energised, effective and engaged Teams

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