Understanding and Applying DISC Behavioural Styles at Work

"He is just too difficult to work with.  She wants so much detail."  "The boss is a jerk, he never gives me time to explain. The Quality Department would prefer we never have a new product"  If you hear these kinds of statements from your team members, this session is for you.

DISC is a behavioral theory of human behaviour that helps us identify communication and behavioural diferences and effectively change our behaviours to match our audience.  This approach increases positivbe outcomes from our interactions with others;  at work, home and play.

In this half-day programme you will learn the fundamentals of DISC without taking an assessment. Although you can take the assessment if you wish. These simple concepts can be applied immediately with your team to teach them how to communicate in the style most likely to positively influence and build relationships.

Venue: Townsville Holiday Inn
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Understanding and Applying DISC Behavioural Styles at Work

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