Archived Old 2-Day ED Accred.

Ready to Rock Your Career?

Certified Extended DISC Consultant Accreditation Training (Level 2 - 2 Days)

This training is for those who are serious about being trained and mentored to the highest level of DISC professionalism. 

World-wide accreditation recognition.

Day One will introduce you to understanding and using DISC in a business/workplace context.

You may be working within your organisation or delivering services to your clients as an external consultant, some examples:

  • debriefing reports one-on-one in a coaching, training or mentoring environment
  • using the reports as part of a recruitment and selection process
  • delivering introductory DISC training, or as part of communication, conflict resolution, sales, leadership, project management, or a myriad of other training and development applications

In this session, you will:

  • You will learn about the background of the Extended DISC model of human behaviour and look closely at each of the 4 main behaviours.
  • You will gain an understanding of how the styles relate to the way people are motivated, how they approach tasks and goal, what stresses each of the styles and how they are likely to communicate in their work environment.
  •  You will be introduced to how our software operating systems (EDOS and the new FinxS platform) learning how to invite respondents to complete the on-line questionnaire and generate reports using your own administration portal.

At the conclusion of the course you will be ready to start using Behavioural Analysis reports in the workplace environment!


Day Two will transform you into an Accredited DISC Consultant and Facilitator, ready to solve people and productivity issues that effect the bottom line.

You can make a tangible difference working within your organisation or delivering services to your clients as an external consultant.

In this session, you will build on what you learn in Day One. You will:

  • apply what you have learned in Day One in practical workplace scenarios, further developing your knowledge and understanding of the four basic DISC style sand
  • advance to understanding profiles with combinations of two or  three styles, and learn how presents in an individual
  • examine the 'Special Cases' which helps us to understand what affect the person's current environment is having on them, at, and away from work
  • learn how to identify the strong emotions the person is feeling at the time of completing the questionnaire and understand how they are feeling
  • be able to explain how an individual's natural behavioural style influences their engagement and productivity
  • discover the relationship between people's natural behavioural style as an individual and their performance in team environments
  • recognising all the 'Special Cases' that give us great insight into emotions involved in modifying our behaviour to suit the needs of our current environment.
  • learn to recognise a range of common profiles and be able to associate that instantly with a range of typical behaviours
  • unlock the mystery of how each of the two Extended DISC Profiles and Diamond is created from the responses to the questionnaire

Only at Talent Tools accreditation training will you:

  • learn how to maximise the usefulness of the Extended DISC reports with  approaches from positive psychology theory  
  • gain an understanding of the theory of human development theory
  • learn about recent discoveries in neuro-science and how these are reflected by the different styles

Then move onto the other Tools within the Extended DISC System:

  • Work Pair Analysis
  • Team Analysis
  • 360 Degree Feedback
  • Organisational and Customer Surveys
  • Employee Testing Centre


Free post-certification training:

  • Individual report debriefing practice sessions with your initial reports
  • training in the use of the EDOS or FinxS administration and reporting system

Only at Talent Tools accreditation training will you:

  •     be able to practice providing feedback with your trainer when you start working with reports
  •     receive confidential one-on-one business development assistance 
  •     be able to call and discuss a proposal you are preparing or discuss best approaches for your individual clients
  •     get one-on-one training and support with your on-line portal
  •     gain access to Talent Tools developed proprietary products and materials and additional DISC tools and products

You'll have all you need to become THE GO TO PERSON for everything "people!"


What'll you get

  • One-off programme fee is $2,997 plus GST 
  • Opportunity to provide added value to your clients as a consultant with  new products and skills to utilise them immediately.
  • An internationally recognised Certificate of Accreditation, allowing you to advertise your level of Extended DISC knowledge and conduct your own Introductory Training Course.
  • Access to our website VIP area, full of support material and resources.
  • Ability to produce your own reports at the touch of a button - with zero administration at a fraction of the cost of engaging an externally accredited practitioner / and invoice your client
  • No ongoing fees or minimum product use requirements

PLUS, for those choosing the FinxS Reporting System Talent Tools also provides, at no charge:

  • One customised answering interface - the url your clients/employees visit to complete the on-line questionnaire is custom branded with your logo, colours and graphics - looks like your own site
  • One customised behavioural report template, which matches your answering interface - this is like the "letterhead" on which your reports are printed
  • one customised 360 -degree feedback report template
  • Six different Talent Tools developed reports:
    • Individual Development Report
    • Work Behavioural Analysis
    • Leadership and Management
    • Customer Service
    • Sales
    • Office Administration
    • Team Analysis
    • Work Pair Analysis

The two training days are fully catered including restaurant lunch.

Facilitated by Sharon Hudson,
Extended DISC Master Trainer since 2004 with under and post-graduate qualifications in Adult Education & Training, Human Resources and Management Psychology.



Venue: Sydney CBD TBA
Repeats: On specific dates
Phone Enquiries: 1800 768 569
Email Enquiries:

Archived Old 2-Day ED Accred.

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