360-Degree Feedback & Assessment Accredited Consultant Training Template

360-Degree Accredited Training

360-degree feedback  is used to measure skills, competencies or behaviours in an organisation. It commonly combines an individual's self-assessment and feedback from peers and management, into one report.

Results are usually presented anonymously on an individual, a team or division, or at an organisational level but can also be used for open and transparent dialogue to occur - usually with the assistance of a trained facilitator - You can be that facilitator

One day programme for HR Professionals

On completion of the course you will be, a 360° Feedback Certified Consultant

This course will enable you to successfully introduce, facilitate and implement 360° initiatives in any organisation.

You will learn how to:

  • identify opportunities to use 360 appraisals, such as performance management, organisational development, change initiatives 
  • present 360 to prospective clients, organisations and candidates to achieve buy-in
  • determine the most appropriate 360 instrument for the purpose
  • customise, tailor and develop 360 questionnaires
  • roll out the 360° feedback interventions in organisations of all sizes and types
  • design customised reports
  • interpret and provide feedback 360°
  • provide follow-up, post-intervention to your clients
  • add value and win additional business designing and implementing solutions to address any developmental or procedural opportunities uncovered

What's Included:

  • Your own Talent 360 is conducted prior to the training, and as part of the course you will use your report to work through
  • You will also receive a comprehensive manual
  • Resource USB memory stick loaded with:
    • competency sets
    • templates
    • Developmental Worksheets
    • Comprehensive Developmental Workbook to us during and post-feedback
    • PowerPoint presentations, all of which you will be able to customise and use freely in your organisation or with your clients
  • The Day is fully catered.

Following Accreditation:

  • Accreditation Certificate
  • Access to Reports at Wholesale Prices
  • Free 360 SaaS Account to administer your 360 projects
    • Talent Tools designed Talent 360 Questionnaires
    • Ability to customise Talent Tools reports for your requirements
    • Ability to design bespoke reports for your organisation or clients
    • Ability to use any questionnaire that you, or your client, own the IP
  • Free ongoing Support

About the Talent 360

The Talent 360 is the survey style 360 using a questionnaire of competency sets and a likert rating scale, providing:
  • easy to read report style with coloured graphics providing precise information of strengths and weaknesses
  • compare candidates own rating with those of raters
  • the 360 feedback questionnaires can be accessed within minutes by the participants and raters.
  • candidates and raters can login any time at any location, providing an easy access to the system
  • choose from our range of 360 'off the shelf' reports, customise our shelf products, or provide your own 360 questionnaire
  • customise both the questionnaires and the reports  to your client or staff competencies and tailor to specific specifications
  • leading edge technology
  • extremely cost-effective with attractive margin opportunities
  • International on-line platform, user-friendly interface (in your branding) for respondents
  • straightforward instructions provided via email invitation as well as on-screen
  • free ongoing personal support and assistance


 For more information please contact Talent Tools on 61 7 3103 0177  1800 768 569  or just email us

This training can is cost-effective to run in-house when you have 3 or more participants. Contact Us for a Quote :)




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