Extended DISC Accredited Practitioner - Newcastle

Take the first step to becoming a leading DISC expert. 

Level 1 - One Day Training

This new course teaches you to master DISC profiling and use this information to improve individual and group effectiveness. The course is taught by the world renowned DISC training expert Sharon Hudson.

Learn how to help your employees or clients to get tangible takeaways from their DISC experience. Takeaways that they will utilise going forward
- NOT just a report they will read... and then ignore.

Extended DISC is a highly effective psychometric tool used in leadership, team, relationship and individual development.

Extended DISC powerfully supports a diverse range of HR and developmental issues because, Extended DISC:


  • supports getting to the heart of the issues for your clients or employees
  • includes a customised professional report for each respondent, choosing relevant data from a database capable of over 200 hundred million possible text combinations - that means precision accuracy
  • provides a clear picture of their unique behavioural tendencies as well as strengths, areas of development, what inspires them, what demotivates them, what energises them, what makes them tick, their values and hot buttons
  • educates respondents about the other styles. How to approach those different styles to build trust and rapport and communicate more effectively
  •  and so much more

You will have an industrial strength tool, which can be applied with a light touch - great for basic communication training and
consciousness raising, as well as a laser sharp, a rigorous tool with exceptional accuracy, purpose built for the workplace environment,
suitable for use in recruitment and to solve employee issues, clarify career direction and drive productivity, performance and innovation.

About Your Trainer

The training is delivered by Sharon Hudson, Master Trainer & Accreditor, MD Talent Tools. Sharon is accredited in, and has been an avid user of a range of psychometric instruments and workplace assessment tools for over 25 years and has delivered Extended DISC Accreditation Training since 2004.

Sharon has qualifications in Business, Human Resource Management, Adult Education, Training and Assessment and Management Psychology. She has also been in senior Human Resource and Organisational Development roles spanning the public, private and not-for-profit sectors and so brings a wealth of practical experience to our accreditation training.

Sharon will take a personal interest in your success, always ready with free ongoing support and professional assistance and advice.


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Venue:Newcastle, NSW
Starting:9:00 AM
Monday 4th March 2019
Ending:4:00 PM
Phone Enquiries:1800 768 569
Email Enquiries: team@talenttools.com.au

Extended DISC Accredited Practitioner  - Newcastle

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