Introductory Course in Developing Your Resilience – OBM Darwin

Learn a comprehensive set of skills to become resilient, meet challenges and strengthen your and others wellbeing.


Before the workshop, you will be invited to go online and complete a questionnaire which will Measure your resilience to find your focus areas.

During the workshop, we will debrief "unpack" the information in your report and discuss what it means, and how to use it. Then we will the content to build our resilience in each of the six resilience factors.

After the workshop, you will have access to six online resilience training sessions to reinforce the learnings in the workshop and develop your "resilience muscles". 


Resilience building for you, or for your whole organisation





About Your Predictive 6 Factor Resilience Scale (PR6) Assessment Report

The PR6 is an advanced and efficient online resilience neuroscience-based psychometric resilience measurement questionnaire.

Through a 4-minute questionnaire, the PR6 identifies your current resilience levels across 6 distinct domains of resilience.and provides an instant feedback Report


About Your Professional Report Debrief with a Certified Resilience Coach (CReC)

In your phone of online professional debrief your report results will be discussed with you, all of your questions answered. Your Coach will provide more information on developing your resilience and building on your resilience strengths.

Then you will be shown how to access the online training.



About Your One-Hour Self-Paced Online Resilience Builder Training

The Online Resilience Building training is made up of 6 lessons of around ten minutes each. Each lesson will first, fully explain one of the 6 distinct domains of resilience, and how each affects you, before moving on to how

to build your resilience in each one of the domains.


Venue: Travelodge Resort Darwin
Venue Address: Travelodge, Darwin
Starting: 1:00 PM
Wednesday 3rd October 2018
Ending: 4:00 PM
Phone Enquiries: 1800 768 569
Email Enquiries:

Introductory Course in Developing Your Resilience – OBM Darwin

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