Accredited FinxS Sales Coach - Template

Get Accredited in the FinxS Sales Diagnostic Tools

Accreditation is for those who hire, train or manage salespeople.


One-Day Accreditation Training Workshop

Learn how to:


Identify Your Sales Roles by:

  • Product Type

  • Target Customer 

  • Sales Cycle

  • Sales-Customer Relationship

  • Price Point

Assess Your Sales Team or Candidates against Fit for the Sales Role by:

  • Their natural sales Behavioural style and preferences
  • Their preferred sales roles
  • Their attitude to 18 critically important sales dimension and key behaviours in the Sales Process
  • Their perception of their current sales competence.

Train & Develop Your Sales Force Individually by using the information revealed in the assessments:

  • Developing identified strengths that are being underused
  • Mitigating losses due to non-strength dimensions
  • Focusing on the key behaviours and sales dimensions relevant to their role
  • Implement the Development Plan provided by the assessment

Use the Sales Mindset Data to Coach Individuals and the Sales Team

Avoid Procrastination and Sales Reluctance using the Excuse Index.


Venue: TBA
Starting: 9:00 AM
Thursday 25th July 2019
Ending: 4:30 PM
Phone Enquiries: 1800 768 569
Email Enquiries:

Accredited FinxS Sales Coach - Template

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