Talent 360 Masterclass Webinar

FinxS System User Training - 360-Degree Platform


1-Hour FREE How to Webinar for HR Professionals and System Administrators

HR Practitioners and Consultants. Learn how to create your own customised 360-degree feedback questionnaire and design your 360 Feedback Report for your internal or external clients.


This is a practical hands-on training using the FinxS 360 Platform, suitable for both HR consultants and their system administrators.


Add incredible value to your consulting toolbox with Talent 360 Feedback tools, powered by FinxS.


About the Talent 360

The Talent 360 is the survey style 360 using a questionnaire of competency sets and a Likert rating scale, providing:
  • easy to read report style with coloured graphics providing precise information of strengths and weaknesses
  • compare candidates own rating with those of raters
  • the 360 feedback questionnaires can be accessed within minutes by the participants and raters.
  • candidates and raters can login any time at any location, providing easy access to the system
  • choose from our range of 360 'off the shelf' reports, customise our shelf products, or provide your own 360 questionnaire
  • customise both the questionnaires and the reports  to your client or staff competencies and tailor to specific specifications
  • leading-edge technology
  • extremely cost-effective with attractive margin opportunities
  • The international online platform, user-friendly interface (in your branding) for respondents
  • straightforward instructions provided via email invitation as well as on-screen
  • free ongoing personal support and assistance


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Email Enquiries: team@talenttools.com.au

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