Understand and Unleash Your Sales Magnitude

This life changing workshop is all about YOU. You at Your Sales best!

When you register, you will receive an invitation to complete two invasive questionnaires. This will take you about 45minutes to an hour to complete - these are not toys!

At the workshop you will receive two reports, they will reveal:

  • your Sales DNA,
  • your Sales Mindset
  • your best-fit Sales Role and scores for 8 diverse Sales Roles
  • your "Excuse Index" how likely you are to avoid actual sales activities
  • your current perception of your Sales Competencies against 18 key Sales Competencies
  • your natural Sales Behavioural style
  • your current competence v your capacity comparison

This information is used to teach you a lot about yourself and coach you in amazing sales, negotiation and rapport building hacks prescribed to match your assessment results. Resulting in:

  • your Individualised Development Plan
  • your Individualised Adaptive Sales Plan

These Plans are built by the FinxS Sales System based on your responses and results , they are not transferable to your sales associates, they are uniquely YOURS!

Following the workshop you will have a one-on-one 45-minute coaching session with a qualified FinxS Sales Coach.

Benefits of attending will be evident in your sales performance, particularly when you need to:

  • actively pursue new business
  • connect with your prospects and customers
  • engage a deliberate qualifying process
  • create trust and rapport quickly
  • demonstrate patience to follow a successful sales process
  • pursue goals and higher levels of selling performance
  • control the sales process
  • guide your prospective to deal with their own objections
  • use questions purposefully and effectively
  • go beyond "hearing" and pick-ip on tonality and body language
  • apply your existing knowledge to problem solving
  • strive to achieve higher levels of performance
  • compete for sales
  • and more....

and, this will not be generic information, it is scientifically based on who you are and how you best operate!

Remember, this exciting day includes:

Both: Your Sales Mindset & Competence Report and Your Extended DISC Sales Behavioural Profile. Your one-on-one debrief of both reports; and what the comparison of those reports results means for you and your sales future!

Fully catered morning tea, lunch and afternoon tea.

You should attend this workshop if:

  • You are in any type of sales role

  • You want to develop your sales manager and leadership skills
  • You want to be able to better understand how you and others make decisions
  • You want to be able to close faster
  • You want to improve your selling performance
  • You want to improve your close ratio
  • You want to build rapport and trust quickly
  • You want to understand your natural sales persona and what that means
  • You want to improve your negotiation and influence skills
  • You want to be the best sales person you can be!

You should not attend this workshop if you are not yet in a sales role. Please email us for the right workshop for you.

Starting:9:00 AM
Monday 6th April 2020
Ending:4:00 PM
Phone Enquiries:1800 768 569
Email Enquiries: sharon@talenttools.com.au
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