Extended DISC FinxS Platform


FinxS is the new standard in Psychometric Testing, DISC Assessments and Feedback Operating and Reporting  Systems.

FinxS is our online integrated operating system through which you can administer Behavioural and Reasoning Assessments, 360-Degree Feedback projects, and Surveys. FinxS Online Behavioural Assessment Tools give you the freedom to design and create custom behavioural assessments, view and modify content; create multiple sub-users; order additional reports at no additional cost and other value-added products. It can even create multi-tool assessments that combine DISC behavioural assessments with 360 feedback results - and even with survey results. FinxS provides an exciting new platform for Human Resource Practitioners, Business Consultants, Change Managers, Trainers and Coaches to add value to their clients.

Want to keep it simple?

Talent Tools can custom design and brand DISC assessments and reports for you. Tell us your needs and our consultants will design the best tool for the job.

Want to Design Your Own?   

Talent Tools regularly runs FREE  FinxS System User Training Webinars.

There are two levels of Talent Tools FinxS User Training available for the Behavioural Analysis PlatformAdministration and Design

What is the FinxS Platform?

FinxS is the web application used to design, create, brand and administer questionnaires. FinxS gives you the freedom to design, create, view and modify content; create multiple sub-users; order reports and value-added products, such as team and management assessments. It can even create multi-person reports that combine Behavioural and Values Assessments with 360° Feedback or other Survey results.

FinxS provides an exciting new platform for Human Resource specialists, practitioners, business consultants, change managers, trainers and coaches to add value to their clients.

How do I set up an account?

It is easy and only takes us around 10 minutes to get your account online for you. Tell us your name, business and contact and invoicing details over the phone (toll-free) and we will create an account for you. We then email you with instructions and website link to where the questionnaires are answered. We also provide you with an administrator account name and password, where if you can view, modify, combine, order etc any number of reports created under your account name. We provide you with full support in learning how to manage your account so you can be in charge and use it to its full potential.

What is a Behavioural Assessment?

A behavioural assessment is a self-assessment tool for measuring a person's natural behavioural style. The assessment is administered in the form of an online questionnaire and helps people to understand their natural behavioural preferences, reactions and responses, an how to recognise these in others and how to adapt to best interact with others. At Talent Tools we focus on workplaces applications, however, the information is relevant to all life situations and scenarios. 

There are many value-add options available at no additional cost to add further insights about an individual, specific to the requirements of a role or fit with an organisation. Such as how they might perform in a sales or management position.

The behavioural assessment is a pre-requisite for the Team Analysis or Work Pair Assessment, where we can see who compliments or supplements whom and team dynamics.

How often should a Behavioural Assessment be completed?

This depends on the context and environment of the respondent if the individual is not experiencing any significant challenges in their environment, it is generally two is good, even longer everything remains consistent and stable. If you would like to use the individual Behavioural Assessment as part of a Team Analysis, no more than 3 months should elapse between each individual team member responding to the questionnaire. This is because we want to see what is happening for that team at this point in time, and the current team dynamics.


What are Values Assessments?

These are generated from a questionnaire based around a specific role, such as Sales. It has a different focus than the Behavioural Analysis, as it reflects how the person views themselves functioning in a range of critically important sales aspects or dimensions. These are ground-breaking new assessments and reports from the FinxS System. The Sales Version was released in 2018 and others are scheduled for release this year.


What are 360° Feedback Surveys?

Open 360 Feedback is a highly flexible assessment tool
Open 360 Feedback is used to measure skills, competencies or behaviours of an individual. 360-degree surveys gather and collate an individual's self-assessment and that of other assessor groups, usually those who report to the person being assessed, their associates or peers and their managers. Ideal to use in leadership development initiatives and a baseline for undertaking personal and professional development at all levels in the organisaiton.

Results are usually presented anonymously on an individual, a team or division, or at an organisational level but can also be used for open and transparent dialogue to occur - usually with the assistance of a trained facilitator. Talent Tools also provides Talent 360 Certified Consultant training in-house or in public workshops.  Choose from one of our pre-designed questionnaires, adapt to suit, use your own questionnaire create your own in our  Talent 360 Platform.

HR Practitioners and Consultants. Learn how to create your own customised Open 360 questionnaire and debrief it with your clients, in just one day. Add incredible value to your consulting toolbox with Talent 360 Feedback tools, powered by FinxS. To join our Virtual 360 Masterclasses first visit our Training Calendar.


What other Survey are available in FinxS?

The flexibility of the online platform FinxS, allows you to create customised surveys to suit your specific business needs, from employee engagement to climate surveys. Alternatively, you can get off the ground quickly using one of our pre-designed Climate, Employee Engagement, or Customer Satisfaction Surveys. Surveys are ideal for collecting information from a large target group population and the responses can be sorted and reported on by different demographic groups within that population.         
The questionnaire collects individual opinions objectively and organises them in ways that best fit your needs. The uses are many and varied - questionnaires can be designed to understand a specific team's strengths, opportunities and development areas or collect consumer feedback and recommendations on your products or services. Endless applications.

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