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Success in sales relies heavily on the effectiveness of salespeople. Salespeople are key to helping your customers make the best buying decision. Knowing where to start in terms of developing sales effectiveness and removing "blockers" to sales success is the most challenging, and rewarding of tasks with which the sales manager is charged.  From choosing the right salesperson "fit" for your "Sales Job Role" through to removing a sales mindset blocker and capitalising on your top performer's natural sales attributes you and the  FinxS Sales Diagnostic Tools will be unstoppable.

Measure Sales Role Fit 

FinxS Sales Diagnostic Tools




Develop Sales Performance


Our FinxS® Sales Diagnostic tools Competence Assessment provides explicit and tangible information to plot a path to higher sales success for each and every salesperson. Designed to strengthen and streamline learning, the assessment identifies strengths and weaknesses in 18 critically important sales dimensions. The assessment measures the attitude of the respondent towards key behaviours in the Sales Process and their perception of their current sales competence.

Sales Dimensions

FinxS Sales Diagnostic Tools at Talent Tools

 Sales reports indicate areas in which an individual may need development. Practical coaching tips and development plans provided in the assessment jumpstart development and progress.


Sales Mindsets

Beyond the competences, the FinxS® Sales Competence Assessment measures the sales professionals' mindsets. Sales mindsets are the way an individual identifies with their product and sales process, how they approach solving sales problems and overcomes challenges.

Mindsets can uncover self-defeating beliefs and attitudes that create obstacles to success in sales.



Excuse Index®

FinxS® Sales Competence Assessment also includes a Sales Excuse Index® that measures a salesperson's current tendency to procrastinate on sales activities.

The lower the Excuse Index® percentage, the more likely a salesperson will focus on actions that produce sales results. The higher the Excuse Index®, the more likely the sales professional will find an excuse for not engaging in sales activities.

While the average Sales Excuse Index® is 35%, successful salespeople have much lower scores.



Take the Next Step with the FinxS Sales18 Behavioural Assessment

The FinxS Sales 18 is specifically designed to be used with your FinxS Sales Assessment to help you better understand and further develop your natural sales capabilities and capitalise on your innate strengths and your natural competence in relation to the 18 Sales Dimensions.







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