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Building Greater Self-Awareness

Building Greater Self-Awareness

Half Day Workshop (5 to 15 participants)
$ 2,250.00 AUD
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Building Greater Self-Awareness Half Day Imagine getting ready in the morning without ever looking in a mirror. You may have one vision of your appearance in your head, but there’s no telling what you actually look like. The same goes for our behaviour. In our heads, we have an image of how our behaviour comes across to others, but none of us has the complete picture. So there are times when we unknowingly repeat the same behaviour over and over, even though it’s completely ineffective with those around us. Often we just don’t realise what’s going on. This workshop is designed to provide a framework that you can use as your behavioural mirror. It introduces the DISC model of human nature and clearly outlines some of the important ways in which people are unique. The program explores the different filters that people use to interpret others’ behaviour and help participants use feedback to build a concrete action plan for strong relationships. • Learn more about your personal styles through the DISC framework

• Appreciate the different ways in which your behaviour can be interpreted by others
• Get specific, safe feedback about your behaviour from others
• Identify interpersonal behaviours that you would like to change
• Develop strategies to build more effective relationships

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