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Conflict Dynamics Profile - Individual

Conflict Dynamics Profile - Individual

Conflict Dynamics Profile - Individual
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 Conflict Dynamics Profile

The Conflict Dynamics Profile is a self-assessment tool that helps you understand and improve the ways you handle conflict in the workplace.

You’ll find out:

What triggers conflict for you at work?
What are your Hot Buttons?
How you tend to respond to conflict in a workplace situation
Cooling strategies for dealing with people and situations that you find most annoying
Practical ways to improve your behavior to promote more effective workplace conflict resolution
How it works:

Step One - Complete the Confict Dynamics Profile

An online multiple-choice questionnaire
Takes 20-25 minutes to complete
Complete the questionnaire at your convenience any time in the next month
Step Two - Receive your results by email. You’ll get:

Personal Feedback Report based on your responses in the survey – What triggers conflict for you? How do you respond to conflict? (pdf)
Development Guide (over 40 pages) – Practical approaches for more effective workplace conflict resolution (pdf)
Step Three – Professional debrief of your results. 2 options to choose from:

OPTION 1 ($99 version – best value): Group debrief

Learn how to interpret your results and use them to react in the most effective way when confronted with conflict
An audio podcast (mp3) debrief
Powerpoint slides to accompany the podcast
Review the debrief at your convenience – now or at any time in the future when you feel you need a refresher
OPTION 2 ($249 version – most popular): Personal debrief

Receive a personal debrief regarding your individual results and how you can use them to become a better manager and leader
Your choice – phone or email consultation
Ask questions about your results and get advice about how to best use them
Yes, I am ready to take the Conflict Dynamics Profile Questionnaire!

I have selected the Group Debrief / Personal Debrief Option.

 The Conflict Dynamics Profile, an assessment instrument dealing with conflict behaviors in the workplace, provides a powerful way to improve self-awareness of what triggers conflict in individuals as well as how they respond to conflict. Two versions of the instrument - the CDP-Individual (CDP-I) and CDP-360 - provide practical solutions for promoting more effective conflict resolution. Based on these triggers and responses, the Conflict Dynamics Profile then provides practical approaches for improving behaviors that promote more effective workplace conflict resolution.

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