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Dealing with Difficult Conversations

Dealing with Difficult Conversations

I Day Workshop 9am-30pm
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Difficult conversations are inevitable; and, how you manage difficult conversations has a large impact on your wellbeing and career success. If you sometimes have to. . .

  • take corrective action regarding performance issues
  • deal with resistance to change
  • mediate differences between colleagues
  • deal with unhappy clients
  • deliver bad news to management or colleagues

and the thought of doing so makes you apprehense, anxious, uneasy, or even fearful? How will they react? How will I respond?I don't want to of threatening their (my) self-esteem etc.

Few people enjoy conflict; and most go out of their way to avoid it. Have you every received (or sent) negative feedback by e-mail or voice mail? Maybe you don't see a problem with that? It had to be said, now it's up to them to deal with it. But the outcome is not what you wanted/expected.

Learn how to have difficult conversations, face-to-face, with positive outcomes and relationships intact.

Should I attend?  Most definately if ...

  • you want to improve your (and others') wellbeing and resilience at work, and home
  • you want to enhance your professionalism and career prospects
  • your relationships are important to you

Yes, if ...

  • you work in teams, have a leader or manager role, interact daily with customers or colleagues, or deserve a day of personal and professional development.

Would you like to be confident that you handle difficult conversations well?
This workshop will equip you to . . .

  • Recognise problems before they become a dilemma
  • Handle sensitive issues to avoid escalation
  • Diffuse difficult situations through appropriate communication
  • Create an environment that encourages problems to be surfaced instead of swept under the rug
  • Express emotions appropriately and help others express their feelings appropriately
  • Discuss negative feedback constructively
  • Create an action plan for dealing with difficult conversations

Terms and Conditions

If you are unable to attend a substiture may attend in your place.
Cancellation with 48 hours notice - full credit provided against a future workshop, or a refund less a $55 administration fee (gst incl) .
Cancellation with less than 48 hours notice or non-attendance without notice - cannot be credited or refunded due to costs incurred on the day.
Group bookings non-attendance - the original cost still applies due to the discount group rate given. Substitutes wellcome.

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