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Reducing Conflict In-house / In-service Workshop

Reducing Conflict In-house / In-service Workshop

1 Day Workshop (5 to 15 participants)
$ 3,500.00 AUD
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 One Day Few of us like conflict. So why is it so pervasive, so enduring and so difficult to resolve? One of he primary reasons is that we all have a natural instinct to see situations from one perspective: our own. Can this instinct be reshaped? Yes, it can. This is a powerful, yet simple, program that helps individuals and groups develop the understanding and empathy to work through tough interpersonal conflicts. This workshop is designed to spark a lasting change not only in the individual, but also the group. It builds fundamental skills that are crucial for effective teamwork and communication. • Understand the four DISC styles and appreciate the diverse values among co-workers

• Appreciate each other’s unique strengths and accept each other’s limitations
• Build empathy and compassion for the needs and struggles of co-workers
• Understand how others see you and receive feedback on your behavioural style
• Recognise your unique way of handling conflict and understand the impact of your behaviour on others
• Use your new learning to develop strategies for working through conflict.

 The Facets of Style series of workshops are based on DISC Behavioural Theory.

Each participant is required to have completed the online questionnaire and will be provided with their own Personal Analysis Report.

The Personal Analysis Report can be either the full report ($150 =gst) or the Short Report ($100 + gst). This cost is not covered in the workshop fee and will be invoiced separately.

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