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The EDP Development Guide
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The EDP Development Guide

The EDP Development Guide
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The EDP Development Guide

An important question to ask of any assessment tool is the “So what?” What do these results tell me? How should I interpret them? How can I benefit from this information? Can I use this information to make me more effective?

Fortunately, with the EDP, these questions can be answered. When an individual or team takes the EDP, not only do they receive a thorough Feedback Report, but they also get a 75-page Development Guide containing the following sections:

Interpretive material, suggestions for development, and recommended readings on each of the 14 scales;
Current books and Websites on topics related to entrepreneurial mindset;
Effective action planning tips; and,
Guidelines for continuous improvement.
This practical and user-friendly resource helps participants synthesize their results and generate a plan to leverage existing strengths and/or enhance skill sets. If extended development is desired, personalized feedback sessions and ongoing coaching are available through the Leadership Development Institute.

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