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Being Responsive to Customer Differences Inhouhse / In-service Workshop

Half Day Workshop (5 to 15 participants)
$ 2,250.00 AUD
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It is easy to forget how much diversity there is among our customers. We get wrapped up in our own way of seeing things and rely too much on a single well-worn sales approach. This session reminds salespeople, and other ‘influencers’, how different each customer is and to appreciate the different styles. You will learn how to read the buying needs of the different behavioural styles and adjust the sales process accordingly. Gain insight into why certain customers seem ‘difficult’ and practice better ways to respond in those situations.

• Understand the differences in human nature and its implications for your sales success
• Appreciate the need to tailor your sales style to the preferences of the customer
• Learn which strategies are most effective with different types of customers
• Understand how to instinctively adapt your sales strategies to suit your customers
• Develop more effective relationships with your customers

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