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Communication Effectiveness Series of Workshops

Communication Effectiveness Series of Workshops

3 x 2 hour sessions (5 to 15 participants)
$ 3,750.00 AUD
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 Communication is a fundamental skill. Most of us can do it well enough to get by, but we could all probably use some improvement. Unfortunately, communication is often regarded as such a basic skill that we take it for granted. We rarely take time to sharpen our abilities. This program contains a series of two-hour sessions to do just that. The first session introduces participants to the foundations of DISC and helps them to create a greater self-awareness. The second session applies this new knowledge to the area of conflict, and it helps participants discover simple ways to communicate more effectively. The final session helps participants use this new information to avoid misunderstandings and build stronger relationships. • Understand the implications of your DISC style of communication

• Build empathy for the conflict styles of your co-workers
• Learn how to handle conflict more effectively and appropriately
• Recognise when you are communicating inappropriately or ineffectively for the other person’s style
• Gain appreciation of how others read your behaviour
• Use feedback from your co-workers to enhance your communication skills

  The Facets of Style series of workshops are based on DISC Behavioural Theory.

Each participant is required to have completed the online questionnaire and wil be provided with their own Personal Analysis Report.

The Personal Analysis Report can be either the full report ($150 =gst) or the Short Report ($100 + gst). This cost is not covered in the workshop fee and will be invoiced separately.

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