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Improving Team Motivation In-service / In-house Workshop

Half Day Workshop (5 to 15 participants)
$ 2,250.00 AUD
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Everybody on a team is motivated. They’re just motivated by different things, and, sometimes, towards different things. The team can be more effective and engaged when each member knows how to get what he or she needs out of the process. This short program helps participants pinpoint the things that drive their success on a team. Through the DISC model you will learn to appreciate the role that the team environment has on the team’s motivation. Team members discover how to capitalize on their particular motivators in a way that makes the entire team more energised, dynamic and successful.

• Learn the foundations of the DISC model and the implications of your styles
• Appreciate that your teammates have different motivational needs
• Recognise the work environments that are particularly motivating for your team
• Find ways to modify the team environment in a way that enhances motivation
• Become more energised and involved in your team

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