Taking Flight with DISC Workshops

Taking Flight with DISC Training - Half Day or One Day 


The Taking Flight with DISC training program is a high energy training experience where individuals learn about themselves and others. This is not your typical DISC session. Taking Flight with DISC has literally written the book on the DISC styles and reinvented DISC training.

Why birds instead of letters?

By linking the DISC styles to four birds, the Taking Flight with DISC program breathes new life into the tried and true DISC model. First introduced by Merrick Rosenberg in his book, Taking Flight!, the birds add colourful energy and help create a memorable session for participants. By linking Eagles to the Dominant (D) style, Parrots to the Interactive (I) style, Doves to the Supportive (S) style and Owls to the Conscientious (C) style, people remember the styles like never before. And if people are going to apply new wisdom, they have to remember it! A year from now, when people are asking questions like, "What does the D stand for?" they will still recall that eagle's personality is direct, decisive, daring, and driven.

Quite simply, letters are not memorable, birds are. Just looking at the letter D does not intuitively reveal behavioural traits like bold, direct, and results-oriented. But thinking about an eagle immediately brings these personality traits to mind.  Participants can easily ascribe characteristics that capture the essence of each style to eagles, parrots, doves and owls.  The "stickiness" of the birds allows participants to instantly connect with what they represent and remember them for the long-term one.

As Terrence Morley from NBCUniversal said:

  "Some people are  skeptical when we flash  the birds to start a DISC session.  That skepticism lasts all of three  minutes before participants are fully engaged, laughing, enjoying themselves,  but most importantlylearning! I've never   seen such an engaging approach to DISC that is so easily applied back on  the job and talked about by employees months later.
I can't remember my DISC world pre-birds!"

What is the impact of Taking Flight with DISC Training?
We all know that employees who are self-aware are more likely to maximise their talents, more effectively recognise and manage their challenges, and produce better results.  Self-aware employees work better with their colleagues and promote teamwork at every level of your organisation. In return, your company experiences higher morale, lower turnover, and better results. Every employee, whether they realise it or not (and most do not), is a co-creator of workplace culture. 

When people understand their own personality and behavioural style and show respect for individual differences, they impact the culture in a very positive way. By applying the wisdom of the styles, each person improves the culture, one interaction at a time. 

Besides the birds, what makes this DISC training program different?
Most DISC sessions generate a high level of engagement because if there's one topic people like to learn about, it's themselves. But the big question three months later is, "Did the DISC training change people's behaviours?"  And maybe more importantly, "Did the training generate a good return-on-investment for the organisation?" Most DISC training programs are designed to teach people the DISC model and help them understand their report and their personality. They do not, however, create new behaviours that help individuals build stronger relationships and drive better results.  

 Instead of focusing on letters, the Taking Flight with DISC program targets the development of new skills. We focus on application, not on a model that will soon be forgotten.  This session builds upon the key skills needed by all employees, such as: communicating, listening, providing feedback, managing stress, dealing with change and managing time.  By building on existing knowledge, we utilise a brain-friendly approach to learning that makes new insights immediately accessible in the moment they are needed.

There's an expression in neuroscience, what wires together fires together. The Taking Flight with DISC session wires DISC to existing knowledge and thus it fires at just the right time.

Is this session interactive?

The Taking Flight with DISC training program is filled with laughter and learning from beginning to end.  We use activities that reflect what people see in their daily life, and get participants to describe their experience with these topics to show how the styles relate to each other.  Forget just turning to a partner to discuss and report out, this is a level of interaction you have never seen before.

How long is the session?
The training program can be conducted as either a half or full-day.

The half-day program includes an introduction to the four styles, engaging activities to see the styles in action, linking the four styles to core skills needed by all employees, exercises to develop people-reading skills, and action planning.

The full-day session expands the insights to include core principles of applying the styles in action, team dynamics using DISC, and a deeper understanding of how the styles react under stress and pressure.

This is great!  Can I become a DISC trainer? Yes!  As a leading authority on DISC we offer DISC certification courses several times a year in various cities throughout Australia, New Zealand, South-East Asia and the Middle East.  These word-class materials are in demand, and in a one-day session, you will gain the skills you need to let your own training sessions Take Flight!

Taking Flight with Teams Workshops - Half Day

This session enables team members to harness the power of behavioural style awareness in fostering effective teamwork.  Each person will complete his or her own behavioural profile and receive a group report that describes overall team strengths and potential blind spots. What emerges is how your team is likely to handle team dynamics like deadline pressure, risk taking, time management, delegation, and stress.

Perhaps your team configuration is strong on strategy and vision, but lack behavioural styles who focus on processes and systems that ensure results. Maybe your team excels at execution but lacks the communication skills to ensure other parts of the organisation are aware and capitalising on your success.

Through dynamic interactive exercises, participants experience their styles as they play out in a variety of team situations, and have the opportunity to adjust behaviours to improve individual and team effectiveness. Fun, powerful, and immediately applicable in the workplace, this program provides the foundation for building trust and achieving high performance.

The session will help team members

  • Build trust and respect between individuals
  • Understand individual behaviour and its impact on personal and group productivity and morale
  • Improve communication by breaking down communication barriers
  • Adapt behaviours based on the individuals they are working with
  • Agree on the key challenges that inhibit optimal team performance

Taking Flight for Leaders Workshops - Half Day

No matter what your business objective, the foundation of effective leadership is grounded in understanding oneself, recognising how your particular style impacts others, and bridging the two to achieve shared results.

Taking Flight! utilises the DISC Model to reveal a profile of each leader's behaviour. Beyond simply understanding styles, this engaging session takes participants through many aspects of enhancing performance improvement: How do each of the styles respond under stress, to taking risks and managing conflict? How can tweaking your listening, delegation, and feedback skills accelerate effective communication and drive outstanding team performance?

Through dynamic interactive exercises, participants experience their styles as they play-out in a variety of situations, and have the opportunity to adjust behaviours to improve their own leadership skills. Participants will discover the hidden genius of each DISC style and how they can best be utilised from a leadership perspective.  Learning how to adapt to the right style and the right time with the right person all without sacrificing one's own perspective will reveal new and effective strategies for handling a wide range of situations. These simple but profound behavioural shifts have the power to transform individual and team performance.

The session empowers leaders to

  • Understand the behavioural styles of self and others
  • Discover how one's own behaviour impacts personal and group success
  • Identify ways to adapt behaviour to the person and the situation
  • Improve team communication and morale
  • Reduce conflict and stress
  • Create strategies to improve relationships and performance


Train-the-Trainer Taking Flight Workshops - One Day

Are you interested in facilitating world-class DISC training programs?  Perhaps you have been training in DISC for years and are open to fresh activities, new insights, and premium materials to add to your repertoire.  Or, perhaps you are new to training or new to training with DISC. Becoming certified in Taking Flight with DISC will equip you with the skills, insights, and best practices to facilitate engaging, epiphany-filled DISC training sessions. Because when participants are actively participating, the learning accelerates, light bulbs go off, and your impact soars.

Our one day workshop will prepare you with expert level DISC knowledge and demonstrate why participants love learning the Taking Flight with DISC way.

Topics covered in-depth include:

  • Learning about the history and theoretical foundation of the DISC personality and behavioural styles.
  • Interpreting DISC profile graphs and reports.
  • Understanding the four styles (D- Eagles, I - Parrots, S - Doves, C - Owls) and learning how to apply them in everyday situations.
  • Integrating the Taking Flight birds into engaging DISC exercises to deepen the learning experience.
  • Applying DISC in a variety of settings, including coaching, conflict management, customer service training, leadership development, sales training, diversity training, recruitment, mediation, mentoring, new employee orientation, on-boarding, creating performance improvement plans, and team building.
  • Utilising the fully-scripted Taking Flight Facilitator Guide to reinforce and master what you have learned in the facilitation process.

Your ability to capture and galvanise participants with the power of DISC will be an electric experience that you will be able to repeat over and over again. No matter which DISC style profile you use, this program will enhance your strengths so that you can achieve maximum impact with your clients or employees.  We are passionate about DISC because, done well, DISC changes lives. So join us in spreading the most meaningful insights and strategies DISC has to offer through Taking Flight with DISC training.



Chameleon Selling Workshops


The Chameleon Selling Program builds upon the insights and skills learned in the Taking Flight with DISC Program. This session takes a fresh approach to sales training that is engaging and impactful. 

Based on Merrick Rosenberg's book, The Chameleon: Life-Changing Wisdom for Anyone Who Has a Personality or Knows Someone Who Does, this session helps salespeople better understand themselves, their customers and prospective customers in a way that has never been done before. Chameleon Selling looks at sales through the lens of the four personality styles the Eagle, the Parrot, the Dove and the Owl. Participants engage in a series of activities that will enhance the sales skills and strategies they employ every day.
chameleon selling program

Chameleon Selling is designed to take salespeople to the next level. Participants will learn how to infuse style into everything they do from the initial phase of prospecting and qualifying leads to maintain the relationship and creating post-sales opportunities.


Chameleon Selling empowers and enables individuals to:
  • Develop greater self-awareness of one's own selling style and its impact on sales success
  • Recognise style characteristics of potential customers
  • Identify predictable behaviours throughout each stage of the selling process based on the four styles
  • Utilise the ADAPT model to improve effectiveness with all types of customers throughout the process
  • Present to groups containing multiple personality styles
  • Work together more effectively with fellow team members to maximize sales
  • Increase sales revenue by incorporating style into their sales skills and strategies

ReDISCovering Conflict


rediscovering conflict Training Program

ReDISCovering Conflict Workshops


ReDISCovering Conflict helps turn conflict into a constructive force to build relationships and solve problems with innovative solutions. Participants will explore conflict in a revolutionary way by looking at conflict through the lens of our personalities. Building on the founding principles learned in Taking Flight with DISC training program, this course looks at how personality styles play into conflict development, duration, and resolution.  Through the new Chameleon Conflict Model participants will learn how to read interpersonal cues to better understand the styles of others, as they gain deep insights into how to apply style wisdom to create positive outcomes during conflict. 

rediscovering conflict program

ReDISCovering Conflict offers an opportunity to build stronger relationships - but only if it's handled well. Engaging activities allow participants to experience conflict in action. In turn, they gain the proficiency to flex their approach to match the style of the other person, easing the road to de-escalation and resolution. The exercises reveal tips and techniques for strengthening connections with the people in our lives.

This course will help participants see conflict in a new light, as an opportunity for growth and creativity.  By learning how to look at each developing situation through the eyes of Eagles, Parrots, Doves, and Owls participants will be able to see the roots of conflict forming much sooner, understand the triggers for each style, and be able to implement new tactics for employing successful conflict resolution techniques.

ReDISCovering Conflict will enable participants to:  

  • Identify how personality style is as an underlying cause of conflict
  • Recognise why each style embraces or avoids conflict
  • Use style to reduce the negative effects of conflict
  • Implement strategies to manage conflict tactics used by each style
  • Flex their style to bridge to others during conflict
  • Shift from placing the blame to fixing the problem


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