Talent Diagnostics

FinxS gives you the freedom to create, view and modify content; create multiple sub-users; order reports and value-added products; and even create multi-tool reports that combine behavioural assessments with Open 360 feedback and even Survey results together. FinxS provides an exciting new platform for HR specialist, business consultants, change managers, trainers and coaches to add value to their client offerings.

FinxS provides many set-up options:

  • Keep it simple with our pre-tailored report formats and we will brand them for you free of charge
  • Have us design report/s specifically for you - our uniue "made-to-meaure" option
  • Be trained in the system so you can design and develop your own bespoke and custom reports in-house, for your self and/or your clients

Compare our Features

Combine Reports

The power of FinxS is exemplified in its ability to combine the data collected from different assessment tools, into ONE comprehensive report. You are in the driver's seat, choosing the specific data you are interested in collating and comparing.

Typically utilised by larger business because of FinxS capacity to deal with large volumes of data, Combination Reports can be a valuable addition to the services provided by Change Managers, HR or Business Consultants and Business Coaches/trainers.

Create Own Questionnaires

Design your own Open 360 or Survey to focus on the important issues your business is needing feedback on. You are in the driver's seat and once you have had some practice, you'll be free to design as you like. In the

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