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Using cutting-edge research in Wellbeing Science, Positive Psychology, and Neuroscience we teach you how to apply practical and proven actions that help people and workplaces to thrive.


About Us

Sought around the world for our ability to translate cutting-edge research in wellbeing science, positive psychology and neuroscience into practical everyday actions, our global team at The Wellbeing Lab help people and workplaces to thrive. With decades of leadership experience in organizations of all sizes, we work with boards, leadership teams, managers, and employees to help them move beyond their fears, develop their strengths, build psychological safety, and improve their resilience and grit so they can do the best work of their lives.

Deloitte's, IBM, LendLease, Treasury Wine Estate, the Dubai Government, Melbourne University, Xero, and many others choose to work with us because of our widely acclaimed, evidence-based resources like the PERMAH Workplace Survey (www.org.permahsurvey.com/talentwellbeing) to help them measure, teach, enable, and embed wellbeing approaches that create lasting changes for their workers. It is also why an independent assessment of our programs found that more than 91% of participants were confident they could apply the knowledge and skills they had learned, and 98% said they would recommend our programs to their peers.

Founded by Dr. Michelle McQuaid and Beck Melville who are trusted by the world's leading researchers including Professors Carol Dweck, Angela Duckworth, Adam Grant, Kim Cameron, and David Cooperrider to share their findings, on our acclaimed Making Positive Psychology Work podcast, our work has been featured in media outlets around the world.

Our team of inspiring and dynamic facilitators in Australia, the United States, Europe and Asia combines years of real-world business expertise with highly sought academic credentials to design and deliver keynotes, workshops, and long-term programs that deliver lasting changes. Talent Tools, incorporating Talent Wellbeing is delighted to provide The Wellbeing Lab Program in Australasia.

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